Yoast SEO Tutorial 2020 | How to Use Yoast Plugin (Full Tutorial)

In today’s Yoast SEO Tutorial I will show you how to use the Yoast SEO Plugin to improve your WordPress SEO. Learn how to set up Yoast settings for maximum…
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32 thoughts on “Yoast SEO Tutorial 2020 | How to Use Yoast Plugin (Full Tutorial)

  1. Hello, Caffeinated Blogger where you learnt about digital marketing or affiliate marketing ?
    Also do you have any paid course ?
    I also want to learn like you.

  2. Hi
    Caffeinated Blogger I have a question about Google AdSense. In Google AdSense (example) I have 150 pageview and 5 ad click 610 ad impression and page RPM is 1.05€ but I have never see this RPM on my revenue how this Page RPM is working and what is this 1.05€ going? Can you please answer because I could not find any answer?

  3. hey Greg, hope you see it and read it.
    I'm interested in your course and wanted to reach you and ask a couple questions.

    is your course that you are selling is up to date?
    also, wanted to ask that if I start and rank for low competitive keywords than later the smart move will be to try and grind up with a more competitive one on the same niche right?
    and the last thing I wanted to ask, do I need to post consistently after I have 10+ posts there? I mean, I would like to keep growing but asking to know so if I don't have time or focus more on other websites will my views go down quickly (besides working on SEO itself) in regards to not posting for a while?
    oh, and what are some realistic goals? how much money after 30 days? 6 months? 12 months?
    would like some ranges you believe are achievable for some time frames.

    This part is less important so if you don't have the time it's ok, just sharing.
    my strategy is to start with one website, try to perfect it in terms of post, SEO, and monetization and at a fine enough level start one more and slowly have more and more and improve all over time. then I would combine adding more blog websites, some I will sell for "fast" profit and will start working on a type of websites I'm interested at and also let myself be creative about anything I want (I always have some interesting ideas) with websites generally, mostly ways to boost SEO.

  4. Heii Greg, can you make a video about, Upleap affiliate programe? This seems a nice program to use and all people can get accessed to it.

  5. I created my google site after watching your video, it is online if I click the link from my references but in direct google search, it doesn't show. How may I fix this or does this have to do with ranking or something? Even Google search/webmasters says the name does not exist. How do I fix this?

  6. Hello caffeinated blogger you are amazing . Just out of curiosity What is most expensive thing you have bought from online earnings ? Like house , car, bike? You answer will inspire us more.

  7. Great info Greg , just as a side note, on your site you have Adsense , I realise you earn money for this , however for me personally I find the ads really distracting and takes away from your site. Is it just me or is this the way it’s done now?

  8. 11:36
    I think instead of adding whole meta tag in the Google Verification Code Box, We should add only the code and Add the whole meta tag in the head tag of our website, by the way thanks for the video : )

  9. Hey greg.. thanks for the tutorial. I have one question. Saw your previous video where you creared a free website on wordpress. So is it possible to rank the free website on google

  10. Hi Greg. Thank you for this amazing video! I see you're using acabado theme. I don't know how to ask it here. 😅 But you know what I mean… Did you go through the entire thing a few years ago or you just bought the theme? I really thinking about buying the theme too.
    Hey looking forward to see your next video. And thank you also for showing us a different keyword. 🤩🙏🏽

  11. I got sick of using Yeost because it kept complaining I was using a passive voice but gave me no examples of what that was or how I should have written it differently.
    Rank math seems to work better for posts but has a bit of a dodgy reputation which they are working hard to fix.

  12. Does that Meta Description have to be different from a paragraph in your post or can you just put your best paragraph into that meta desc. box?

  13. Love Yoast because of saving a lot of time and optimizing my content. There are a lot of great plugins as well. But you should create content for a human first and only then optimize for search engines.

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