Why would you sell your websites in a webshop? – Mailtime

There guys, best wishes for 2021. We’re starting this year with a brand new Mailtime. In this Mailtime; a personal website, a travel blog, but also an agency website ….

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34 thoughts on “Why would you sell your websites in a webshop? – Mailtime

  1. hey Rino, are there more videos coming for woocommerce series that you have started a few months ago? like how to secure website and privacy policy page when working with clients in real world

  2. Hi Rino.I do love your videos and I am your fanboy.Just wanna know if you have a plan to do some tutorials about seo.I think a lot of your fans gonna love this.

  3. Hi Rino, thank you for creating the videos, very informative.

    How do you record video and and screen at the same time? What tools are you using?

    And how do you connect the microphone? Is it to your camera or computer?

  4. Hi Rino, I just finished watching all of your videos and it seems like it is more valuable than the online course that I took lol. I gained more knowledge about web design and development. It helps me to begin my freelance journey as a web designer and developer. Btw, I loved the mail time show. Your feedbacks has the same value as your tutorial! Looking forward for more videos, spreading love from PHILIPPINES!

  5. Soo your notice about improve the design when you see some margins and padding and fonts and others you are talked about that can make a video how to design look great and explain the basics it is very important

  6. Hi bro, Thank you VERY much for these AWESOME videos! One thing I always stuck in that is, how can I get clients outside any marketplace like from LinkedIn, Facebook, etc? also How can I deal with them? I mean how can I get paid, how can I trust on the client or he can trust me when we both are literally unknown for each other? Better if you could make a video on it 🙏

  7. Hey Rino, i was wondering if there is any chance that you will do a couple of videos about the ui design itself instead of just the how to build your design. I mean like a video about how to create a good design. thank you, and i love your channel its awesome

  8. When you say Fiverr is attracting cheap clients I have to disagree. I average $600 per order on fiverr and made $50 k last year on the platform doing only 20 hours a week

  9. Cheap buyers only are looking for the price and mostly not for quality or value. Cheap market is a very hard fight. There will be always someone needing money urgently and in case of that beating your low price. So there will be always someone be cheaper than you are. Quality – in all ways – is the better opportunity for a creative business I guess..

  10. I really appreciate your effort. Thank u so much.
    But, could u please make a video on how can I get clients to my Web design business.
    I learned how to design great websites, but now I am in the phase, where I can not find clients to work with

  11. Hello, I follow her excellent work with interest. Have you made a multilingual site with Elementator Pro + Polylang? I have a puzzle with a site, and I need help. If you have the experience, can you share it? Thank you

  12. Thanks for another very clear video. Could you also make a video about how to make appointments with your customer? For example, when do customers pay you, when do you tell them that there are permanent costs for their website? how do you determine the quotation price etc.

  13. Hey Rino, thank you so much for your honest feedback on my website (the portfolio page), it really helps to improve it
    I will work on the things you pointed out! 😀

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