The truth about Liam Hemsworth’s and Gabriella Brooks

The truth about Liam Hemsworth's and Gabriella Brooks

In an interview with Now coolGabrielle Brooks talked about her favorite ways to spend her free time. “I grew up on the beach, so I feel at home,” she said. “I like yoga, walking, running. But not too often. Listen to your body and do not overwork. ” She also said Surfstitch: “I am an adventurer and I like to spend time outdoors.” She certainly has a lot in common with Liam Hemsworth, who basically lived in the ocean before he and his brothers made it big in the entertainment industry.

Unlike Hemsworth Controversial Ex, Miley Cyrushis new love seems to enjoy a more relaxed, simple and sweet way of life. Her perfect sunday? “Wake up to drink tea and read a little on the balcony before going to the beach to take a dip,” she says. Surfstitch, “Then I will go on a boat for fish and water skiing, and then on a picnic on the remote beach that we found. Something tasty for dinner (maybe lasagna), and then I will fall on the sofa and watch any new series that I become addicted to (with a piece of chocolate). “That sounds great, doesn’t it?

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