The BEST Personal Blog WordPress THEME (I LOVE This One!)

This personal blog WordPress theme is AWESOME. I use this theme myself and LOVE it. This WP theme is best for beginners, personal blogs, and other simple…
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22 thoughts on “The BEST Personal Blog WordPress THEME (I LOVE This One!)

  1. Hi Greg. Great video. One question though. What if in the beginning of my blog journey (thanks to you!) i use a free theme and then when my blog starts to produce some revenue, i decide to go for a premium theme. What is the procedure then? Do i need to begin all over

  2. Hello Greg! Thank you!

    Really thankful for the help you provide, for others and for me in my journey trying to replace my day job and become self employed.

    I wanted to give back, so I bought OptimizePress package through your link.

    You said you will be giving away a bonus in the form of a blogging & traffic generation course.
    Is there any way to get access to the course?

    I hope you are having a nice day mate.

  3. Hi Greg I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate program. I tried to sign up under your referral code but it did not work. Can you tell me what word press theme in Wealthy Affiliate list.

  4. Thanks for the great advice. Are you aware of Oxygen Builder by Soffly? It's incredibly powerful and one of its major advantages are websites built with it are blindingly fast.

  5. Great information as always Greg, but you just knew someone was going to ask this 🙂 What about Divi? the most popular theme on the planet with over 2.4 million users. A bit of a bugger to learn sure but once you master the basics, there is nothing you can't do with it. (and I'm a newbie!)

  6. Hi, excellent content as always! Thank you. Just one question in regards to Pinterest, when I click on follow someone it allows me to do a few, then when I click follow button on new person it comes back as follow and it does not change to followed, do you know why? Thank you

  7. You say that you use it for all your websites. Does this mean you pay $99/year for each of those Websites? Do you pay another plan to use more websites?

  8. Genesis Framework and their themes are actually the best ones for bloggers and any website build in wordpress. It's not just an opinion. It's a fact that you can google. The best thing about them is that they are YOURS once you buy them. No need for year renovation.

  9. Hey bro do you promote your videos?your views are quite low but your content is quite good.I think after promotion your videos should be viewed more than that

  10. Thanks, I've recently discovered your site, as I'm just getting started it's very helpful.

    I'm trying to keep my overhead down so I've allocated my initial budget to marketing samurai and maybe thrive themes.

    Do you have an opinion on thrive?
    Miles Becker endorses them and their YouTube channel seems impressive and thorough. I'm under the impression their in House tutorials for design and marketing are worth the investment.

    Also do you have any input on a affiliate forums, which ones do you find most useful?

    Do you recommend any particular books? I started out with "Affiliate marketing for dummies". It seemed to help me with understanding the basics.

    I don't want to waste time or skimp on due diligence.
    Once again thanks for your channel, it's been very helpful.

  11. Hi please. Can you provide us with some best wordpress theme for AdSense arbitrage and also if you have time please we need an tutorial how to increase CPC AdSense please

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