24 thoughts on “OVER 50% PROFIT How To Make Money Online On Ebay UK

  1. What is the best way to deal with the postage Sarwar as I hate and have not the time to stand in Post Office queues. Is it possible to get a Royal Mail account and just drop everything off in a bag or have them collect without a history of volume? Or is there other ways. Can you do a video on this subject as I always find it’s a real pain in the ass

  2. I'm a bit concerned that you use a vinyl case to get a price then compare it to a leather one and tell people how much profit they can make. You didn't compare like for like so the whole video was misleading.

  3. i make £500 a month profit but each item only makes me £1 profit so basically I have to dispatch 40 orders a day. If my prices are higher I dont make sweetfa just no sales

  4. Hi sarwar, thanks for this plan, could you talk about a fulfillement solution in Uk in you’re next videos. If I don’t have time to manage the parcel expedition, which company can I use ?

  5. hello sarwar all this search method to win only 0.15 that s so much lost time. and if you paid tax you dont win anything for a product at 4.5 pounds or usd

  6. Hello Sarwar! First of all I just want to say thank you for your amazing content and support. The UK eBay dropshipping scene is really small and I'm glad to have found a youtuber on the topic. I've always wondered… If you drop-ship from places like B&Q or HomeBase, wouldn't they send a paper invoice to the customer along with the item of the real price? That would just be very awkward for the customer right?

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