Making Money Online as a Beginner // How I Started Making Money Online as a Teenager

Making Money Online as a Beginner // How I Started Making Money Online as a Teenager

Today I wanted to share How I Started Making Money Online as Beginner when I was a teenager and in the early days of the internet using Print on Demand Websites and Ebay and then later Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

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When I was trying to make money online as a teenager it was just a side hustle for extra cash. I never even had heard of the concept of Passive Income in those early days. Making Money Online back then was something I didn’t take seriously and I really wish in hindsight that I had seen the potential it had.

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I was working in the mall and was trading time for money in my prime and as a college student, when there were so many opportunities for me to use my skills and talent to make money by producing results.

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31 thoughts on “Making Money Online as a Beginner // How I Started Making Money Online as a Teenager

  1. Thank you for the videos. They are super helpful and it's great that you can help me and other out in the process of getting our shows or channels in order. In this even more so on how to make a little money doing this ^_^

    also thanks for taking me back to how the net was before it turned into all of this. Somethings for the better…some things for the worse lol.

  2. Cosign the old internet days. It used to take forever to grab something off limewire or to load up something in real player. Then if someone had to use the phone…fighting time…unless it was mom

  3. Yooooo, I used to also sell yu-gi-oh cards on the street with one of my friend when I was 7 years old

    These cards was hot back then on my area

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  7. the question of the day : I would love to know how to get attention and grow a decent audience on YouTube in a saturated niche (e.g. gaming).

  8. OMG – hahaha. I'm 56. "Back in the daaaaay…" – one of my first jobs (around age 20), my boss bought a teeny tiny computer, with a program called Star-something, and my husband said he got a Commodore 64 when he was around 16… Thank goodness it's way different now! Loving it!

  9. Maybe a set by step guide to amazon affiliate marketing and other online income sources.. like instead of just mentioning these tools show us how to actually get it done…? Or maybe thats thru your paid course idk…

  10. I feel like instead of storytelling and sharing your experience * which is insightful* it's really not actively helping those who are grinding or putting in the work. Even those who have yet to discover their niche, what smaller creators need more than just a video about how one got to a successful place, is a means to help become discovered. Social media is way too saturated with content creators who all have the same goal of becoming successful on these platforms but we need a means of helping our voices be heard in the cesspool of many others who want the same thing. These videos are great but in reality aren't really helping me. Everyone becomes discovered in their own way weather it be from going viral from one tiktok video of spending years growing on these platforms. Perhaps a showcase of up and coming content creators or bringing content creators who have grinded for years and are now successful and what did they do to get to that place. Advice is great but at the end of the day it becomes harder and harder to get discovered and actually start making money on social media.

  11. I’m a full-time eBay reseller and I gotta say is super fun and a great way to make money and eventually get out of the 9-5 lifestyle

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