23 thoughts on “Make Money Selling Things Online With Ecommerce | Start A Dropshipping Business

  1. I still sell on eBay; sourcing through thrift stores. Using the app, you can find identical SOLD items on eBay. If the number is 3x or more, I buy it. If not, I don’t. Example: Right now, I am selling fall and winter gear that I bought late spring and summer. To be clear, I work a full time job and invest only about 12 hours per week total shopping, listing and shipping. Even so, I am clearing $1200-$1500 per month (after purchase price and eBay fees). Normal example from today: Bought a jacket for Goodwill this summer for $6. It just sold for $35. Customer pays shipping. Ebay took $5. i made $24 bucks. I do 10-20 transactions per week.

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  5. The problem is this. Yes you buy at ten, yes, you sell at twenty, but the profit is not ten. There are shipping and packaging costs, website costs (eBay or amazon fees), payment provider costs (PayPal). You are left with maybe $2.00. And let’s not forget the tax man. You have a dime.

  6. Nobody get suckered by the thumbnail. By for 10 sell for 20 thats definately not 10 dollars profit. Just…..its not. In theory yes in actuality no.

    Im not going through the entire video, because jaspreet is a lawyer. Not an online seller.
    I bet if he does sell hes already more successful than me however……

    Dropshipping is horrible. No control. Low margins. High prices.

  7. I have been studying the Bitcoin market for some months now and from my conclusions, Bitcoin is an easy way of making money especially when you have a good knowledge of how the Bitcoin market works, I'll need assistance in making money on Bitcoin as a beginner, can anyone direct me?

  8. A run a very small online store and finding items that will still make a profit after paying for the item + shipping + processing fees + advertising (+time) has made it almost not worth it. One issue anywhere along that process and I'm in the negative. I've stopped carrying any small margin items because it just wasn't worth the trouble.

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