Make Money Online 2021 Testing Your Side Hustle Idea Without Costs

If you want to learn how to make money online, you need to find a way to test your ideas using creative math to create data-driven decisions.

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26 thoughts on “Make Money Online 2021 Testing Your Side Hustle Idea Without Costs

  1. I woke up and was surprised this video uploaded. I learned I accidentally picked midnight instead of noon… so instead of a live chat comment your questions on this video and I’ll try to answer!

  2. Day 5! This video really motivated the hell out of me to test exactly what you did there. Did i see it correctly that you payed for specific keywords or is that just part of a google ad campaign ?

  3. so.. lets see if I understood the 100 QP idea.
    If, instead of a product, I want to be an entertainer making fun videos, would the idea be to collect 100 subscribers to my channel? if so, in what frame of time? a month?

  4. Learning alot thank you so much for posting these videos. I've been wanting to for this for awhile I just didn't know how to get started. I've been taking at least a page of notes daily, very helpful. I haven't started anything yet because I don't know what I'm doing. At the end of your series I can't wait to put to use what I've learned and get started making money. Thanks again.

  5. I have followed you for a few months now (on TikTok, now Youtube). Thank you so much for making this series. I have been working on being an entrepreneur starting in 2019 and really appreciate your advice and tips! I know you could be making a ton of money off these videos so think its rad you are doing them to help your audience.

  6. Sorry, well the course is very interesting, but this time it was a bit kind of guessing. Let me summarise: 1- you pick up a product that you want to sell. 2-you set up an online shop specifically dedicated to that item. 3-you, invest 100$ in Google advertise (we need to understand how to do the G-advertise, thus we have to attend the G-adv course). 4-you, evaluate how the adv campaign run and when you eventually managed to made some sell you have the green light. Is that correct?

    Last but not least, I live in Europe and your live time video is right during my dinner time, so I always watch them after. Would it be possible for you to prepare the Thumbnail with the episode number in it? I believe either you number this episode wrong or I missed the number 4 🙁

    Thank you Adrian, I believe you are doing a great job and proving all of us a great service and Help 🙂

  7. Adrian, is kickpushskate you? In an earlier video you also show your sales and the same name shows over and over. For those of us with no Shopify experience it seems confusing. Thank you in advance!

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