Joe Jonas – “a work of art”

Sophie Turner has a brand Joe Jonas piece of art”.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The Star of the Game of Thrones star was praised for her husband when she answered questions from her fans on Instagram in order to pass the time during self-isolation.

When asked what her favorite work of art was, she confessed that she was her husband, while she also said that “Fly With Me” and “Hesitate” were her favorite Jonas Brothers songs.

Meanwhile, Joe previously called Sophie “the love of his life.”

The 30-year-old singer, who married Sophie in 2019, recently posted an interesting tribute to the actress on Instagram to celebrate her 24th birthday.

Along with a photograph of Sophie, he wrote: “Happy Birthday, the love of my life. Life is better with you. [love heart emoji] (So ​​in the original) “

It is believed that a happy couple is expecting their first child with one of the insiders, who recently said that creating a family has always been at stake for the couple, since they both have long wanted children.

A source said: “Having children and starting a family was part of Joe and Sophie’s plan. They always knew that they wanted children. ”

The actress – who turned 24 last month – is due to give birth “in the middle of summer,” and the couple are said to be “extremely excited” to expand their family.

Another source said: “They recently told their families, and everyone is delighted and so happy for them.”

The celebrity duo has been married since last May when they walked the aisle in Las Vegas after the 2019 Billboard Awards. The wedding was actually live with Deep, and Sophie saw a $ 650 bezve track suit on her big day.

Sophie and Joe, 30, also held an official ceremony for family and friends in France last June.


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