Is a Handmade Business Still Worth it in 2021? – how to sell handmade products online

Rumors have spread that I think the cottage industries have come out. Here’s what I really think and how I’m pivoting in 2021 to increase sales. Do as I do. -Renae ….

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24 thoughts on “Is a Handmade Business Still Worth it in 2021? – how to sell handmade products online

  1. Hello Renae! I love your content. I love how genuine and helpful you are!! I have a quick question, how do you go about hiring a factory in china? can you make a video showing the process? would love to learn!!

  2. Renae I WANT TO GO BIG!!! I have been following you for about a year (Love you by the way) and I have been working on my brand (with the small budget I have). I sell on Etsy, I have a website now, I am struggling to keep up with the orders and need to scale my business UP!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I’ve been fantasizing about selling online, but kept hearing horror stories about Etsy. THIS is my year! I’ll be watching and taking action this year!!

  4. Hi Renae, I am looking forward to your review on the Amazon handmade course. I sell on etsy and within 2 years was in the top 2% of etsy sellers, but frankly there is no way to make real money there. I now sell on Amazon handmade and have been testing products there to see what works and which ones to get manufactured. So I am doing exactly what you are talking about! However, I haven't done a trademark yet, so thank you, I will be doing that asap. Can't wait for the course review to see if I need it to help me along in my journey.

  5. Amazon is the place to be. I am moving away from etsy and all their fees, i have yet to run ads on Amazon and made more there then I have running ad on etsy. I sell homemade stuff on the main page not the homemade page of amazon.

  6. Renae, I love your videos, but I hope you are not oversimplifying private label baby clothes. I think as a private labeler, you may be considered the manufacturer. You probably need your name on any required testing. Textiles have very specific labeling requirements too. If you're importing enough to pass through customs, it could cause a problem. Just some things to consider–you probably already have–you're more experienced than I am. Great marketing ideas!

  7. Renae, I wholeheartedly agree. I had an epiphany the other day when Etsy throttled me in search due to two one-star reviews. Even though I have tens of thousands of reviews, it doesn't matter because they reset them every year. So, if they happen close to the first of the year, the more weight they will have. I realized tags, titles, and SEO don't matter as much as we think. It comes down to ad money then sales if they will show your items. If you pay to play, doesn't matter how good the other stuff is. They show when you pay and if it sells, they will push your items.

    I don't care if anyone disagrees with me. I have been on there for 7 years and a whole lotta sales. It has been my experience and no one can tell me it didn't/doesn't happen in my shop.

  8. I can’t wait for the course review. I also want to scale my product ideas. How can we protect our product ideas? Patents are expensive. Any ideas?

  9. I make custom wreath and my sales were drip -drip-drip. Do you think that I could sell them on AMZ home made? I excited to find out more about the course you mentioned in this video.

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