How to Start Your Own Business in 2021 | Episode 1 – Small Business 101

Want to know how to start your own business in 2021? This video will teach you everything you need to know! Plus, I’m delighted to report it’s the start ….

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47 thoughts on “How to Start Your Own Business in 2021 | Episode 1 – Small Business 101

  1. We’ll be releasing another episode of this “Small Business 101” series each week for the next two months. Click the bell to turn on notifications and make sure you catch them all!

  2. I started my business in 2013. Website and youtube channel with first product for $130. It made $1k that year. 7 years later it turns $85k a year. It all started with an idea a website and a youtube channel.

  3. After the step 3 or before the step should i register my business? And where i can register it.
    What kind of business structured work better with an ecommerce, for example clothing.😀😀

  4. This step by step guide is so valuable! Thanks for putting out this amazing content, Gillian! Can't wait to watch all the videos on this series 🙌

  5. Totally agree Gillian. Right now more than ever we need expert guidance on how to build a business and avoid years of wasting time doing it the hard way. As for your question Gillian, I've pivoted this from baking cakes to teaching my fellow entrepreneurs how to turn their passions into passive income (using my online cake business as a real life example) Looking forward to lesson 1! Got my notifications on🤗😁🥰

  6. Read the article on your website about passive income and enjoyed it. I'm looking to explore youtube as an income stream but only at 100ish subscribers. Any tips to get sponsors or other ways to increase sustainability? Thank you!

  7. Looking forward to your series. Great advice as always! I’m in the very beginning stages. Started a YouTube channel, working on my website, and thinking about which product I will focus on.

  8. This is so helpful and I appreciate you sharing this crucial information. I recently started my Youtube journey and am excited to see where it might lead me. Thank you so much and have a great day!!

  9. This was such valuable information. The more I explore and learn, the more and more all this information starts to make sense. It's still so complex but you make it seem easier. Thank you!

  10. Happy New Year 2021!!and your video was very informative and I am learning different things from your ch about business and more.💪💪🙌🙌🙏 Keep doing great things. May God blesses you and keep you.😊🙌🙏💪🙂

  11. I started my business and my channel, just figuring out the product because graphic design is so broad that I'm looking for what exact design training people are interested in. Love your videos and how naturally you speak in front of the camera ❤️

  12. Hi Gillian! I’m in the early stages of my business and really getting myself into the mindset that I can do this. 🙂 I found one of your earlier videos with your business plan template and I can’t wait until you release that new video! I feel like I had been looking all over for a helpful business plan but the ones I found were not good- until I struck gold with yours!

    Thank you for sharing your tools and expertise.

  13. i really love your videos and i want to thank you because your videos really helped me in making my channel and i want to start my first own business i am 10 years old you will say i am smal for this but belive me i am for it and when ever i want to make a goal it become true

  14. This is awesome! I am trying to create a 'brand' through my channel and about to start a small business selling stationary so this really helps! Keep doing what you're doing, Gillian! You're helping a lot of people out there!

  15. . . .just look for a money making enterprise that's proven to yield consistent income, and invest in it, except —of course one is seeking the status of being a business owner and not all about profits,

  16. Found this so helpful. New subie by the way, all the way from Zambia Africa🇿🇲. Planning to start a marketing consultancy business and your tips esp on having a YouTube channel were invaluable to me. Now this.

  17. Great first steps guide for starting as an entrepreneur! I think part of business ownership, especially in the beginning is to allow room for change b/c our original thought might not be what our audience actually needs. Thanks, Gillian for another great video!

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