44 thoughts on “How to Start Selling on eBay and Amazon With Zero Money

  1. Hoping I can learn how to do this. I am a single mom of 3 kids with major health issues and no child support and now lost housing and stating with family. So many obstacles and catch 22s this year in addition to health setbacks that keep me from working any type of 9 to 5 and I need a way up immediately!!! Going to keep watching your videos. Ive been listening and reading about this a few places but what confused me and sounds hard is knowing which product and all the stuff about suppliers etc. Gonna keep listening and hope something clicks so I can gain some confidence to get this going. Tired of being on the bottom.

  2. This is fine for ppl who collect useless crap, but not all of us do that. Everything I own fits in my car if it needs to and I own NOTHING that I don't need except maybe a few small things that nobody would pay for.

  3. How do can I find out a good product to sell on Amazon. I've seen some arbitrage vids but I don't want to get stuck with a bunch of items for 6 months and fizzle out if things don't happen for me. I have the money and don't need to sell my stuff I'm getting older and tile is hard on my body I want to sell on Amazon and there are so many videos and expensive courses I don't know who to trust.What should I do ?

  4. Nice video I started making money from my grandad as he had a ton of furniture and stuff he didn't need so he said if I sold them on eBay he would keep 10% and I keep the other 90%. This made me big cash. As this guy said if you have things lying round you don't want or use, SELL IT!! I want to become a entrepreneur full time and also be a stockbroker. You are my inspiration man 💪😁

  5. Hi, inspiring! Thanks for your passion. Questions: what about fees on Amazon? And the peeps that buy pay shipping? Thanks!

  6. Hi, my amazon shipment status says delivered. how long does it usually take before the listing becomes active? Will the shipment queue change from "delivered" to "received"? Is any action required on our end or do we just wait? Thanks!

  7. Kind of reminds me what Dave Ramsey says .. selling so much stuff, the kids think they are next.

    I sold a bunch of high end premium bibles last month .. I "made" $700 .. technically a loss but it was nice to get some of the money back so I could pay down my truck. But it makes you start looking at things differently .. you start to see other things around the house that you are not using and can sell.

  8. Hi I’m new to Selling on Amazon and my product is my handmade abstract artwork,and I neeeed help please I just need to know how to sale my first painting

  9. Hi Seth, I am interested with this…I am almost giving up.. I cant work fulltime bec. of my serious problem to my health and I have a big family to support and I dont know how and what to do to support my family. Can u help me how to start to work with ecommerce pls. ?

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