11 thoughts on “How To Start A Business With No Money From Home! Free Online Business Without Investment!

  1. I've been drop-shipping for years now and the problems are so many that it's not even worth trying to get into it… Extremely long shipping times, bad quality products from China, very expensive products from the US, and if you ever happen to have any problems with the supplier (happens way too often) the whole thing WILL go to hell REALLY quick. What I'm doing right now is dropservicing with a store on Liketide (google it), you get to brand it with your own colors, custom domain, logo, etc, and then set up your desired profit margins for every service. After setting everything up, literally all you have to do is get new clients and make your site grow. The orders are fulfilled and delivered instantly to your customers. The only thing you need to worry about is treating your clients like gold and keeping enough balance on the platform to be able to fulfill orders from your clients. CLV is insane. I believe THIS is the future of dropshipping.

  2. Thanks for the info, I will be trying some of these, I need something where I can work from anywhere and it sounds like these ideas would allow that. Thanks again.

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