1. I wanna make my business based off of aesthetics. Where I can make clothing, accessories, and a whole bunch of other things based on stereotypical aesthetics. Also to be able to have people create their own aesthetics. I also want to be able to help the lgbtq+ community as much as possible. I’ll have explanations and help homophobic and transphobic parents/guardians understand and possibly become more accepting. Any advice on business and help with creating it would be super appreciated ^_^ Thanks for reading! Have a good day/afternoon/night!

  2. maaan she talking like everyone starting a business blows up and makes thousands of dollars bruuhhh
    well I hope that ur right with that „the money will come“

  3. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover starting a small woodworking business try Letza Woodworker Lessons ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

  4. Wtf this shit is useless, pls rename the video it’s misleading cuz all you doing is to have a plan for everything, but we learn dat in school and in every way of our life, basically channeling your energy into the right things( I have even finished the damn vid 2 :/ ). Stop with trashy lectures that a kid can figure out, and tell us how to start with no money, and not how to start an idea with no money cuz u can do what you put your mind into, that is not what the video should have been about. Shits a click bait, what you said in this vid is not as help as you imagine it would be in your head. Open your eyes and breathe in reality and spirituality and realize that ideology without steady stream of concentrated energy has not relevance. Rename the vid cuz you know nobody clicked this video to watch or listen to what the Fks you where saying.

  5. Hey Everyone! have a vision and my dream is: to start my own wig line for little girls who have hair loss due to disease such as cancer, alopecia, and those who suffer from bullying at school because they cannot afford to get their hair done like the rest of the little girls, would anyone be interested in donating to my investment? Even if it’s just $1 dollar, it adds up☺️


  6. With all due respect, you haven't said anything informative other than vaguely stating "have a plan". that doesn't actually mean anything. To me a sounds like you got handed your opportunity. I need to manifest success? Bullshit. success isn't going to come just because I want it. I need realistic, physical steps. No some pretty, meaningless phrases

  7. I almost cried watching this video because you talking to me through a camera I’m so very closed minded depending on mom to do this and mom to do that when ready I need to be out here taking care of my own instead of depending on others thank you🙏🏾❤️

  8. It’s 7:30 am in quarantine. I was sitting in front of my computer doubting my business idea I’d been working on. Then I came across this video on my phone. Never did I ever expect to feel so motivated and inspired just from the passion in her voice while she shouts through the screen for us to JUST DO IT.. Thank you so much for letting this video find me. ❤️😌

  9. This video is such bullshit. It's inspirational word-vomit that teaches the viewers NOTHING about HOW to actually start their own business. Shame on you. You can do better work and your viewers deserve better.

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