How to Start a Blog and Make Money Step by Step for Beginners (in 2020)

So you want to start a blog and make money? In this video, I will show you how to start a blog step by step. This tutorial is for beginners who want to make money…
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22 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog and Make Money Step by Step for Beginners (in 2020)

  1. Hi.Thank you for great information!! In your experience, does color choice, layout etc matter much in a blog for eg. dogs or pets? Thx in advance

  2. Hi Greg. I recently found your channel and I'm really enjoying your videos. I just started my own blog and I've been following the advice that you've given, not only in this video, but also some of your other videos. I do have a question though. With regards to finding a niche, do you think that having a "How to" blog is a good idea? It's not a specific niche as such, like dogs or travel. But does this not give you a chance to rank for a lot more keywords than you would with a niche blog? My blog is a "How to" blog and so far I've been writing about what food to eat as a late night snack, how to get more followers on Instagram, how to learn a new language etc. As you can see, quite a broad spectrum of topics, but they are all written with a "How to" theme. Am I setting myself up for a fall, or do you think this is a good avenue to explore?

  3. Hi Greg, I have started a blog on blogger 2 months back and currently having 40 posts with 50+ visits per day. When It will qualify for adsense? Thnx

  4. Focusing on one or two sites and writing a lot of content? Or writing less content and opening many sites?
    (e.g. 30 posts for each sites).Which one are you doing and what is your suggestion
    ? Thanks for awesome video.

  5. hey Greg. are you subscribed to income school? they interviewed the owner of succulents and sunshine few months ago. something tells me that you are )

  6. Hey Greg please help me out, I lost my job in lockdown, not having single penny to survive and pay for family, last year I spent my money in treatment now I have nothing, it's a request if u could provide me your blogging course so that I can learn some stuff and earn some money, my family will be very thankful to you…
    Please Help..(Last Hope)
    My parents are very older I don't want to hurt or make them sad.

    Yours Faithfully

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