How To Sell On Amazon With NO MONEY

How to Sell on Amazon with No Money! Want to learn how to start selling on Amazon with $0? In this video I talk about strategies like online arbitrage/ retail …
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31 thoughts on “How To Sell On Amazon With NO MONEY

  1. Jonny, thank you for the easy breakdown on how to start as a beginner. I'm determined to make money through investment. I understand that it is going to take time and determination while taking safe baby steps but I have this thirst to be my own boss. Once again, thank you for the information. I am now a subscriber to your channel which I will view your videos for knowledge on making money.

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  4. How do you put a new barcode on & how much is the barcode? I've heard many different things about this. Aren't many inexpensive barcodes actually just "recycled" and then that gets people "in trouble" with Amazon. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm very interested in starting here & progressing.

  5. The first thing you need is money lol, I knew it was coming but it's a bit ironic. If you want to get something done, you just have to go put something in action, the more you work at it, the more it'll grow.

  6. The only thing is, as you’ve said this against terms of service… maybe you can fly under the radar a little bit but to go on and resell something you’ve left a 5* review for would surely be asking for trouble from amazon ?

  7. Hi jonny. i am a beginner. i have some stock of electronic product left from a couple of years ago which i ordered from china to sell on ebay and for some reason i just stopped because i couldnt find enough time to go to the post office to post the products. Now i have come across this amazing business model of amazon fba where they take care of all the collection packing and delivering so i am really interested to start my business on it. but before ordering new products i was thinking why not start with the products i have lying about in the loft storage. what do you reckon? the might not be the best quality but they are not bad too and i had good reviews on ebay for them. and do i have to get labelling and packaging for them because they are all wrapped in bubble wrap individually and are in side a big box. what would you advise?

  8. I’ve started doing this before the video 😇 I already made my first mistake though, got a free thermometer but can’t list it on facebook marketplace 🤗
    I sold a free power bank on Facebook marketplace and did some amazon drop shipping too!
    I’d like more from you on retail arbitration

  9. You’ve come a long way bro, I remember subbing to you after you had the course from Tanner and you was just starting up with around 300, it’s great watching how far you’ve come with progress man truly remarkable

  10. Thank you 🙏 for posting this very valuable information about the whole process .
    I’m currently trying to venture into selling on amazon and realise that it’s a slow process and you need time and guts to do it . And obviously working and taking care of a family are all time consuming too .
    I’m enlisted to join a webinar soon and I see that you are uk based . I hope I’ve got that correct. I’ve been trying to actually research into whether there is anyone based in uk and making this process work for them as everything that I’m coming across on internet seems to be people offering training and when they describe the process , they are talking in dollars . Obviously, this will be a question for the webinar but if you can lead me in any way to alleviate my concerns as to why this is always the case , I’d be most grateful. I just want reassurance that Uk based clients are making this process work for them too. 👍♥️

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