How to Make Money with Clickbank FOR FREE (2020)

How to make money with Clickbank for free. This “Clickbank for beginners” tutorial shows a realistic $300/day method, how to promote Clickbank affiliate…
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  1. Hello. İ created an %100 Unique and grammerly article and %85 SEO friendly . İt was indexed by Google. But when can i see it on the 1st page of the google. By the way the keyword i found has over 1000 volumes and 3.92 competition rate. İ will be pleasure if You answer this situation. Best regards.

  2. Unreal content! Most helpful and informative I've ever come across. With the 10-20 keywords and articles on each of these, are you suggesting each be in the same niche all linking to the one Clickbank product? Or a new product in each article? So your site will be all about "dog training" with 20 articles answering different topics etc but each of them will all have the one click banks product linked?

  3. Hey man, this is awesome! I'd like to be sure, we need to put 20 articles on our 1 google site? My English is not native, Im not sure.
    And the second question is, how can I check, how many people visit my website? Do you have any tool for this? Is it okay to use HotJar?

    Once again, AWESOME!:)

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  5. I have honestly watched a 1000 affiliate marketing videos and got nothing out of them. But this was absolute gold! Please keep making these. Really helpful for beginners like myself! 🙂

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  9. actually this is the first time honestly find someone who share one of his wonderful secrets.
    Thank you for your helping and we looking forward to see more useful videos from you.
    Thanks a lot dude

  10. Hi, Greg, awesome video, great info, thank you for your good wor!

    I'm now your new subscriber 🙂

    I have a question, when generating hoplinks, although I make sure to insert my Clickbank ID, when testing out, I don't see it neither in the browser, nor anywhere down the sales page.

    I have doubts that's working properly, do you have any idea why it doesn't show up?

    I appreciate your feedback on this!


  11. I have tried Pinterest, set up google site and publishes articles in various website, got a few k impressions on Pinterest and hundreds of clicks but no sale. I used squeeze page , article link and direct affiliate link but no result. May I know why?

  12. Very informative video. I already have a brand new website ready to go to start utilizing this method. I've followed some other trainings and I actually have a standalone domain that is about three months old now that I'm trying to utilize for affiliate marketing. I'm going to put both of these sites up against each other and see which one starts converting first. One question I have about something that you did not cover in this video was an affiliate disclosure. If you are earning commissions from affiliate links, at least in the United States, is it not required to have an affiliate disclosure on your website letting your visitors know that you are potentially earning money from them clicking on the link? Other than that great video by the way. Looking forward to seeing more of your content.

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