How To Make Money Online Doing Wholesale From China (Private Label)

How To Make Money Online Doing Wholesale From China (Private Label)

Started new project with amazon private label, it involves buying products in bulk from china and selling via amazon fba, let me go over the concept in more details.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online Doing Wholesale From China (Private Label)

  1. Just joined the FB group and learning about dropshipping while my PL products arrive at the warehouse. New subscriber and I am in the process of watching the content you have available supporting from Seattle.

  2. My account received a restriction because we had 20 item not received case open. This is because our suppliers are China based and many shipments got delay. However in the maintime most orders got delivered and the rest were refunded. We did the appeal to the restriction and ebay is asking the following: — Documents that prove that you purchased the item(s) recently listed for sale on eBay. This can include manufacturer invoices or receipts. Photos of the items don't fulfill this requirement. We have 6300 active listings and we do dropshipping so we havent purchased the items yet. What do you recommend? Thank you! I appreciate any recommendations. Stay safe!

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