How to Make Money $ on the Internet: A Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad

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This is a brief guide on how to make money and build a career on the internet. It’s impossible to cover everything but hopefully this might inspire some ideas.


Here are a few Skillshare courses that I personally enjoyed and that are related to the topics that I covered in this piece:

Productivity Masterclass – I really enjoyed this course and found it super actionable.I was immediately making changes to my systems and how I approach the tasks that I want to complete →

How to Start a Business Online – this was a really well-made breakdown on how to approach and understand the world of e-commerce →

How to Share Ideas that Inspire Action – This one is made by Simon Sinek who is an amazing speaker and author, and I found a lot of value in learning about his approach and also the tips that he had to share →

Fantastic advice/prompts for journaling for those of you trying to build up that habit →…

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41 thoughts on “How to Make Money $ on the Internet: A Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad

  1. With the financial assistance i got from websterhacks,wordpress,com. i was able to get my bank debt cleared, i am super excited.

  2. I don't wanna exaggerate but I think you should definitely write a book one day. The content , the perspective and quality you bring is just too outrageous ???❤️

  3. This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "residual income training" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Meyackarny Penny Blaster – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it.

  4. So true about Alibaba > Amazon FBA . People/seller are just copying each other adding more and more of the same products into Amazon marketplace.
    For what?
    To make 0 value to the world(as you said) and helping Amazon become richer and richer.
    100% agree with you.
    We need to create things that will add value to the world and human beings!
    Elon Musk is an example.

  5. The world needs digital nomads. Remote work is the #futureofwork. Between pandemics, epidemics, natural disasters, civil/political unrest and other disruptive forces, working remotely allows you to work and live safely without interrupting your income. Escape the old location-based dinosaur model and evolve to be a remote worker. Your future self will thank you!

  6. Best video on the topic man. I got sick of hearing so many videos sounding scammy and trying to make me to things like digital marketing which I wont enjoy. I respect your authenticity. Thank you

  7. If you want to get out of debt , a pleasing platform that is enabling human beings result in paychecks Smooth and speedy is just O ne Biz Op p . co m , You should test it nowadays.

  8. Although a good video, I would disagree with a point Nathaniel made. 'create value for others like an Artist' – I understand that he thinks it is a superior way to make money than to buy and sell i.e arbitrage but in reality, true artists are rare. Personally, I never had a craft or art in which I was exceptional to the point of creating value. On a similar vein, some people are good at trading and arbitrage – born for trading. I think it is unfair to put down arbitrageurs by this reasoning. People might be Artists or Entrepreneurs or Traders, etc but they rarely belong to more than one category at a time.

  9. Watched one of your videos for the first time a few months ago & instantly subscribed. Really asking myself why I haven't watched another one so here I am about to binge watch all your videos 🙂

  10. ‘….even more better – create your own niche.’ damnnnn ?
    Also, this video was one of the ONLY few (actually, the ONLY one ?) where sponsored content didn’t feel forced.
    Thank you ✨

  11. A plug for your sponsor from the other side. I made a Skillshare class sort of expecting it to make no money, despite not seeming to have many students in it I am regularly receiving small amounts of revenue from it. From this experience, I can see that given a bit of effort it's probably worth it to make a few small classes.

  12. I am really happy I stumbled on your channel! You provide such high-quality content and amazing videos! I would love to learn more about editing and your awesome title animations! 🙂

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