How to Get Traffic to Your Website FAST (TODAY!)

See how you can get traffic to your website FAST, starting today! ✅ Get MTJ to quickly get traffic as shown in the video:…
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40 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic to Your Website FAST (TODAY!)

  1. Now it's 62$… 😥 Nevertheless, when it'll be a time for link building, I'll definitely use YOUR link! Love your videos! Lots of value, thanks from Ukraine 😉

  2. Hello Caffeinated Blogger! I appreciate your valuable content and thank you so much for delievering it to us! I would like to thank you by purchasing My Traffic Jacker from your link but when I click on it I am asked for my email and instantly get the free bonus! I am also in lack of words for that webinar!!!! It's really priceless! But, I can't find anywhere the link to MTJ. Not even in the email! I don't want to purchase it from anywhere else. Is it possible to send it to me with a reply in this message? Thank you very much in advance!

  3. So the 301 redirection method; don’t need to set up the domain to any hosting? Just need to buy the domain, and 301 redirect to the targeted domain from namecheap backend?

  4. There is only one problem with this kind of software. I call it reverse ATM. You go to the machine and there is a deposit of x, thus after you run out of x, you have to deposit back into the machine. Eventually you stop using the software because the cost is very low, but the refill is pretty high additionally, you never know how the ATM machine is monetized from YOU using the software a kind of GOT-cha. Making a buck. If and IF you are able to follow through to bank cash using the software to at least re-add x, this might be a great tool. Advise everyone to try doing the process manually first as the software is a way to scale up. Most folks see what's involved and get the software (cart before the horse) only to discover, this is actual work. Again, this is WORK- its not push button easy- its push button WORK. One thing if for sure, you either drive directly into profit or you drive yourself faster into default. 30 day money back is awesome! However, you do have to prove you utilized the software following instructions and of course be able to demonstrate you bought domain names. There are other uses of the software (offer this as a Service! easily!)

  5. Just buying this right now… I hope it works as described… I'll be back to let you know if this even works. This is from Josh Z and I've purchased his stuff in the past and it's been absolute trash, so I'm hesitant on this one. Sounds worth it, but we'll see. I'll be back soon.

  6. Nice video,
    I have recently started blogging just month ago. My nich is " customer care contacts". I am writing information on various products and services customer care contacts.

    Suggest me is it good nich.

  7. Bought this software through your link Greg but no login details sent via JVZOO and zero response from vendor. JVZOO passing me off to vendor also. Not great to deal with so far.

  8. And what happens when you run out of the 1000 credits? How do you buy new credits (pretty sure it won't come for free) and how much will new credits cost? Or is this where the upsells come into play

  9. Hi Greg, Thank you for you this video. I love watching all of your video. They are very easy to follow and give more values. I have bought this software via your link to get your awesome bonus. please let me know how to claim it.

  10. and that ladies and gentleman is how you do affiliate marketing properly. Buy a product, use it, show others how it works then promote it as an affiliate while capturing email addresses. Well done Greg.

  11. What about the possibility of the video being dead? In terms of views going forward.. it may have gotten X number of views the year it was posted but is there a way to see how many views per day those videos or posts ( quora/wiki) actually gets?

  12. Thumbnail is very attractive that's why i am commenting here..nice video man..Can you please make video on email marketing?

  13. I checked this channel. The videos are getting 800-1000 views per month…not per day as you said. Still if 10% click on the website link and 5% of those buy the affiliate product, it is still $200 a month. Good shit. But if only 20-30 people click, then maybe only $50 a month. This is not a scalable solution. Until you find a channel that is getting 10,000 pageviews a month. Very interesting mind opening content. Really appreciate it.

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