How to Get TRAFFIC to Your Website FAST and FOR FREE in 2020!

Here’s how to get traffic to your website fast and for free. Use this traffic for affiliate marketing, to drive traffic to your blog or website or shopify store. We all need…
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49 thoughts on “How to Get TRAFFIC to Your Website FAST and FOR FREE in 2020!

  1. m literally so intrigued and fascinated by how much information you share. you don't know how much I have learnt from you as a blogger. thank you so much!.

  2. After wasting 30 minutes trying to drill down into google keyword planner I gave up. They aggressively go after your money. The “free” part of keyword planner may be down that rabbit hole somewhere but I can’t find it.

  3. guy you don't know what you gave me … this is so awesome like a open mind i am gonna do a lot of thing only in your video ideas .. i love it you got me like a new subs in your chanel

  4. Incredible Insights! Thank you. What percentage of traffic would you estimate flows from a page one medium listing (not the number one, say 5th on page one), with your affiliate links in it to your website? I am using the conversion, of 1% of the traffic to the page one you will get to open your article and then 1 percent of the traffic that reads your article to go to your site. Do you think this is reasonable or am I a bit low?

  5. Hey Greg please help me out, I lost my job in lockdown, not having single penny to survive and pay for family, last year I spent my money in treatment now I have nothing, it's a request if u could provide me your blogging course so that I can learn some stuff and earn some money, my family will be very thankful to you…
    Please Help..(Last Hope)
    My parents are very older I don't want to hurt or make them sad.

    Yours Faithfully

  6. Cheers for this, I've been looking for "email solo ads" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Yanliana Feydalyn Rule – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

  7. Good video…signed up for Medium…definitely want to learn more…you said click the link below for full info about using Medium…got an affiliate page for the OMTM…is this it?

  8. Greeeeeeeg ! When my article start ranking on medium ? How many days the article need? i got one but itsn't start ranking yet , pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Hi Greg. Really appreciate that all your content is free and big thanks for your honesty. Have you heard something about Anik Singal? ( not and ad ). He is collecting emails on his landing page and then promote an affiliate products through email. Have you heard something about this? If yes, could you explain, please, how it works and how to get it done.His course costs 997 usd. I think that not each person could afford it and it will be interesting for people to watch and get it done. Thank you in advance 🙂

  10. hi greg i really need some money your tutorials are actually pretty good but can you please make a series of how to start blogging, how to use pinterest or other tools, how to find best niche, something like that i want you to explain everything because when i watch your videos i say my self this is so hard i cant do it, my mood goes down i think that would help a lot people who tries to make some money from home thanks

  11. I have 24 articles published on Medium from my blog, don't see any good traffic flow from there. btw- how can you see it in analytics? it doesn't seem to recognize that they came from there…

  12. Can you add the subtitle again please.
    I love your videos and I'm following. One more thing.Can we put the photo we want on our website from Google?
    Is there a problem with copyright.

  13. Thank you Greg for this wonderful Tip….Please I want ask do I need to mention a disclaimer on Medium when adding my website link as a hyperlink or its just for affiliate link only?

    And also On keywords research how much monthly search volume amount is the least you can advise for someone to go for?

    Thank you

  14. The link for the medium course is not working.
    Each time I put my mail and click "get instant access" it redirects me back to the same page.

    What's the problem?

  15. Hey greg thanks for the amazing tips , i just want to ask is there any good websites that i can promote their products because i tried so many times to register on clickbank but they does not allow me , and jvzoo isn’t working well with me 😔 help me please thx😊

  16. I'm a little disappointed that I just gave you my email to get access to buying the Medium course, I thought I was giving you my email to get the course as the opt in.

  17. Hi greg thats really authentic! Do you have any suggestions for me as my website doesn’t have good search volume under the niche! Getting frustrated sometimes. The highest volume is 1000! So I want to rank that particular article. What do you recommend? As I am doing amazon affiliate marketing should I make a whole new article on that 1000 search volume keyword thats already in my website but not even close to page 1 on google? You said medium allows affiliate links. So I am thinking will it be a good idea just to writing for medium rather than my own website??

  18. It's great strategy, Greg, higly appreciate. Unfortunately one of my medium accounts, today got suspended, because that was the only one review in which, I forgot to mentioned about the affiliate disclaimer. I noticed, that immediately after I posted it, the system of medium detected something wrong and showd under investigation or suspended etc. Btw, is this the most common reason for getting suspended, when doing reviews forgetting the affiliate disclaimer ? I am also building two of my websites at the same time, but even writing long articles, sometimes don't rank, because there are a lot of authority websites already there, the usual ones, when doing launch jacking. I am considering to start doing some backlinks, currently having 11 DA and 21 PA with 400 backlinks one one of my websites and it is 1 year old, compared to other ones, which are 5 years old and got like 10k + backlinks, still hard to outrank them but will keep going .

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