How to Get The CHEAPEST Football Shirts! -SAVE LOADS!

MandM Direct ….

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46 thoughts on “How to Get The CHEAPEST Football Shirts! -SAVE LOADS!

  1. MandM selling the latestcChape home shirt, was gonna purchase for 55 a week before. Couldn't believe my eyes when it appeared for 25 with Gremio and Fluminense!

  2. Thanks Ellis mate now all the shirts are gonna go, I tell all my mates about m and m direct but they always say they’re so fake and I just laugh at them. Class videos mate keep it up!

  3. Hey Ellis – do you ever buy Nike Vapour versions over the stadium shirts? Or are they too expensive.

    I'm wondering if Vapour shirts would retain better value over time.

    They certainly feel better to wear but £99!!

  4. I have a question. I am in the USA and buy most of my jerseys on ebay. I focus on Adidas jerseys from the 2000s. I am curious why so many of the sellers of jerseys from that period on Ebay are located in Ukraine. How or why did so many of these jerseys end of there. So far, of the 10 or so that I purchased from there are all legit authentic jerseys. They are good at sending pics to confirm their authenticity before I buy them. I have purchased jerseys from Bulgaria, Poland, and even Lebanon, but there seems to be an abundance of sellers in Ukraine and I am just wandering if anyone knows why. Thanks.

  5. Wasn't their a browser you advertised before and it tells you the cheapest websites for the shirt you want? Can anyone help with what the browser or site was

  6. Did Leeds lose today? I was just what your views are as a Leeds supporter on the vile, sexist comments made on Twitter about Karen Carney by other Leeds supporters. Surely, it is not a good look for the club where they are harassing a football pundit online for voicing her opinion.

  7. As a depop seller, to hear you say avoid the site Ellis is disappointing. I agree there is a lot of people selling fakes but you telling people to steer clear completely really effects the few of us doing the right thing, trying to make money selling genuine shirts.

    You've recently hit 100K subs (congratulations by the way) so you know that the things you say when it comes to buying football shirts, majority of people will take as gospel, so to hear you tell people to disregard the depop in their hunt for football shirts is a real kick in the teeth.

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