How Much YouTube Pays Me For 1,000 Views in 2020

Here is how much Youtube pays me for 1000 views in 2020 and how much money I make on YouTube with a small channel. I am showing my exact YouTube…
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30 thoughts on “How Much YouTube Pays Me For 1,000 Views in 2020

  1. How much CPM do you reckon tech youtube channels make? I would assume it’s higher than the $1-$3 category? because there’s a lot of tech companies promoting, Samsung Apple, phone carriers etc it’s limitless in the tech side

  2. Hi caffeinated blogger big ups on the videos I have been following and watching your videos for a while. Please I have a question, do you know any website that shows the list of top searched keywords of a specific niche in a particular location? Kindly respond I will appreciate

  3. Man you are the one who started making videos about "how to make money on youtube without making videos" 😀 or i guess youtube was recommending your videos a year ago in this topic.

  4. wow Greg I love your channel been following you for 2 years I think when you u talking about pinterest traffic. You motivate me to start my youtube channel. It took forever to get monetized but i'm there now and hoping to take it to next level Thanks! 👍🤑🤑

  5. Thanks for the informative video!. I am also planning to start youtube channel for programming tutorial. I would start from c#. is it a good idea, as I see there are other channels as well.

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