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Welcome back to another How To in 10, which you may notice went wayyyy over the 10 minute limit as I got so chatty about this particular topic haha! How influencers and creators make money online and increase their revenue stream seems to be such a taboo topic, so let’s chat about how I and others, do just that. This one was highly requested by so many people, so thank you for letting me know what you’d like my next how to videos to be about. I’m so motivated to create this new content so keep the suggestions coming below 🙂

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  1. This is an incredible video!! I just started a blog after years of putting it off and you have been a massive inspiration for years!! you had purple hair and had just purchased your blue Givenchy Antigona hahaha

  2. Absolutely, great video and and input on the content creation space! I've followed you for some time as well and thankfully you are one of the honest ones. The pieces of clothing, makeup and homeware items that you promote are items you actually love and use. And one can clearly see that when watching your content. However, there are many content creators out there that are in it for the money and promote items they don't really know anything about and certainly don't use. They create the "bad taste." I think that's where the "bad blood" comes from when it comes to brand sponsorships and affiliate links. One sometimes can't tell if the creator is being genuine about a product and has an actual relationship with it, or if they are being paid to say a quick something that may or may not be true. But no worries on your end Victoria, you are one of the good ones. I for one, genuinely take a quick chuck of your clothing, makeup and skincare suggestions because your style is AMAZING and your suggestions ring true! Stay great! 🙂

  3. You are great…forget the "miserables". Every body has a right to earn a living. You have found a way to do so with something that you love to do and it shows. You offer quality all the way around in everything you do as well as your personality. Yes to getting what you deserve. Keep going. I have always had a great interest in fashion, art, anything creative and stimulating. Television never did it for me. I am soooo grateful to all the social platforms and alllll the fashion content and other interesting subjects. Thank you for being out there for the rest of us "shallow" people lol

  4. Hi Victoria!, Amazing content! I genuinely loved this as my background is in marketing, and I've always wanted to understand how content creators monetised their businesses and to have someone be honest about how it's done and the general changes in the industry. It's such an interesting one, it's also nice to see how much you've developed through the years! You're the definition of 'Girl Boss' x x

  5. This is another great and informative video. I love this series so much Vic. I hope you’re able to keep doing these. It’s very clear that you used to be a lecturer.

  6. Thank you, this was so interesting! I appreciate your honesty and clear explanation of something I thought I understood but didn't.

  7. I always make a point to GO BACK and find the video a content creator has which inspired a purchase to use their affiliate links even if I decide to buy days or weeks later. I want to show up on their stats and give my support to those people at no extra cost to me!

  8. So much respect for you Vic, I love and really appreciate how professional you are, and how you deliver all of this to your followers

  9. I loved this video. I found it extremely informative and to the point, plus I think compared to a lot of other content creators, your education here shines through. You can really tell how much you studied it and your approach to these videos are almost university-like. Really a fan! I would love to know more if possible on how it works on the “inside”, how you work with your management team and how they can help you grow in your career.

  10. Really really enjoyed this!! Thank you so so much for being honest. It’s so lovely to see ❤️ keep working hard your doing a great job! Xxx

  11. Years and years and years lol. Being honest and giving advice without having to give out your personal information is definitely the way forward – loved this video.

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