35 thoughts on “How I Made $70,000 Selling On Ebay By The Age 16

  1. What he doesn't tell you is he realistic he made about 10 or $15,000 not 70,000. 70000 sounds very impressive but once you factory in shipping, eBay's 10% and listing fee's, PayPal charges, and what it cost to acquire the items originally, the gas to go and get the items, the storage of the items and most importantly the time it takes you to photograph, package, ship, and find the items. You end up making a lot less then you expected.

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  4. I'm not sure if I just missed this but how would you make a paypal and ebay account legally if your a teenager? Also would I have to go to a post office to ship my items? If so this would be a problem since I don't have a car yet.

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  6. One question, I’m selling in my parents account because they’re letting me! But they want me to have my own account, how would I go about doing that? They want me to have my own account because I want to drop ship but they don’t want to add it on their taxes instead mine! Like how do u have an account under 18

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