How I Get Traffic And Sales Online For FREE!

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40 thoughts on “How I Get Traffic And Sales Online For FREE!

  1. Is printing on demand still a thing? Can someone today starting succeed? Would be nice to do a case study and mentor someone from scratch! I would volunteer ๐Ÿ™‚ I need a steady side income heading into retirement. If I can make it anyone for sure can.

  2. How do I create contents like those memes? I'm not humorous nor creative enough to create memes like that. Did you hire someone to do social media contents for you?

  3. Thanks for the video. I have a question. I want to sell exclusive merchandise on and through my Facebook Page(having 18000 followers).

    Is it possible ??

  4. Something about you gives off a very calming vibe. I don't understand half of what you talk about I've never been one with money but I just watch your videos because it's relaxing

  5. Thank you for your excellent videos! I have a question about Canva and CMKY colors…I don't have photoshop. I design in Canva. How do I make sure the colors I'm using in Canva are CMYK friendly? Is there a way to make a CMKY color palette? Is there already a CMKY color palette in Canva? How do we make sure that the Canva elements we want to use in a t-shirt design is CMKY friendly? Thank you!!

  6. QUESTION: Hi, if I took a photo myself of a popular location, can I use the photo on my products?? Many years ago I took a really nice photo of a very popular city with my own phone, can I use it on products? Do you know of a law against this?

  7. Good ideas. But why are you only giving marketing ideas that are predcated on people with an established "social media" presence. What about the Introverts and/or those with Social Anxiety Disorder., What are those individuals supposed to do? Besides file a Class Action Lawsuiit for 100s of Millions / Billions against the companies you listed,

  8. I hear yah, but I'm not at all good at this computer stuff and let alone trying to find or build a platform,

    i would like to employ you to build me a site or platform how ever it works, and I would rather send my money to a real person, i can Etransfer you the $100 or whatever to build me it so all I have to do is log on and make profit with your expertise in investing.

    win win for everyone, and why not do this for people like me who have zero to minimal knowledge about investing

  9. I think to get free traffic is painful and it takes long time but my only advice is use tiktok for free traffic , itโ€™s the best

  10. Hey Sarah, Can i use photos of famous ppl who are now dead on my print on demand products? I mean now who will take copyright actions against me

  11. I tried to contact you on your web page and it didn't go through… but would love to collab on semi passive income and etsy. I'm a single mama working maybe 10 hours a week on my Etsy business and brought in 20k in all of my platforms last year. I'm no fluff no BS and just real time results.

    I have a YouTube channel to help people do what I do for nothing and am trying to spread the wealth. You are a huge inspiration and I would LOVE to link up so I can explain how digital downloads can change people's lives.

    Appreciate all you do Sarah

  12. I feel like POD shirt business is "saturated". Everyone's selling a shirt. Only way to make real money is to find a really unique and untapped niche.

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