32 thoughts on “How a Blog Works & Tips for Earning Money Online

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  3. A blog helps to create brand awareness. Customers don't buy from brands if they haven't met a brand 7 times. With blog you can give them value for free by answering their questions before buying decision. For example, if you sell cars customers might ask which car is better, toyota vs ford, etc. When Google ranks your website customers remember your brand and will buy in future from your brand.

  4. Hello
    I want to start a blog in may when all my exams will be finished.
    I want to blog about something
    I am good at tech
    Will my blog be successful ?
    Where can I find tech info

  5. I decided to start a youtube channel about making money online because it felt easier to start than a blog but after being on here for a couple of months I think I'm ready to optimize my blog and monetize it too! Great way to make some passive income too.

  6. Really enjoy your videos! Will you ever go over what video gear you use to make your videos? Your videos are sharp, clear and I'd love to know what type of camera you're using..plus any external mics that might be involved!

  7. I have recently found your videos here on youtube, and now i am checking out your blog. as a newbie blogger myself i am very excited to get things going! to grow my audience! im also doing youtube videos and starting podcasts as well! You have a very great personality for videos!

  8. Have had a couple of blogs just to mess around with but I am working on content to launch one seriously after the first of the year (don't have the money for 3 year reservation of the domain yet). I know I am serious about this but news today just sealed the deal. I'm a contractor for a major corporation whose current business model will be the death of them. Today I was told my contract won't be renewed. As of 12:01 am on Jan 1st, 2019, I will be unemployed. Love that Christmas present.

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