FREE TRAFFIC for Affiliate Marketing (2020 Affiliate Tutorial)

Need Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing? Here’s exactly how to promote your affiliate links for free in 2020, and get traffic to your Clickbank and Amazon…
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31 thoughts on “FREE TRAFFIC for Affiliate Marketing (2020 Affiliate Tutorial)

  1. Amazing stuff! 🔥I can personally vouch for ALL of your traffic sources!! For the first one, I've been able to get almost 30k views with only a few dozen answers! With the second, I've got a couple thousand page visits with 5-6 articles! And the last one…really needs no introduction! Thanks for sharing this info with more people! I'm a huge fan!

  2. I have posted on Medium my articles. Didnt copy them, used technique as was recommended and anyway I got message that my account is under investigation. Any idea what could go wrong or does it happen usually at the beginning?

  3. Mr. Greg, my name is John, I was wondering on the blogging tip, how many posts do you create a month? I mean, surely you have a ton of blogs, however, I was wondering since you probably have it down to a science by now, how often should I post religiously, for the optimal growth as far as like ranking and website strength?? Your amazing sir and I hope to start earning a little income this way. I post when I’m not busy with my other affiliate efforts. Thank you for all the amazing content!!!

  4. Hi Greg, great videos, but I've noticed these methods don't work in short amount of time
    How much time and articles do u think it will take to write in a website to make it rank it on 1st page of google for significant amount of keywords? so that it can attract good traffic regularly so we can generate affiliate income regularly?

  5. Sir,could you please check my funnel…..I have just started with clickbank and I also have a low budget……..if anything goes wrong with the landing page,,I might lose money …..please,big request

  6. hello me agian, i was wondering how you got quora to only display the blue questions that people can follow, when i try to find a question all i see are randoms peoples questions that people cannot follow

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