24 thoughts on “Copy & Paste To Make $500+ Day For FREE – Make Money Online

  1. Misinformation again about digistore, it's not 100% totally free and you have said this repeatedly. When you register your PayPal with them which is required to complete your account and receive links to promote. They claim they need to verify your account through paypal and will charge you 1 Euro to your PayPal. I have tried several of your recommendations and not one of them has worked to make money.
    I think the real way to make money online is to make youtube videos telling people how to make money online. Isn't that exactly what you're doing ? If you were making so much money implementing these schemes, then you wouldn't waste your time making these vids.

  2. You gonna need far and far better website convince to buy a 1000 usd product…. now competition is very high… you have to give value to get more sales…🎅🎅🎅💐

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