Can't Get TRAFFIC to Your WEBSITE? Here's Why (And How to Fix)

How to finally get traffic to your website or blog in 2020! Comment, Like & Subscribe:…
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29 thoughts on “Can't Get TRAFFIC to Your WEBSITE? Here's Why (And How to Fix)

  1. One of the site is 3-4 years old and has 180 articles posted with no kw research but only 1 of them ranked So is it still going to be ranked on new articles with new keyword research in future or not?

  2. Hi I had started my blogging journey with lyrics website I got the AdSense approval but I lacking in traffic and not getting any ranking …….cab you please help by giving your valuable feedback ….let me know if you need any other details related to that ….
    Thanks in advance

  3. Great video! Thanks!
    But… ahrefs is a totaly awesome tool but is somewhat expensive for people like me that I haven't money to make a subscription there and I need something free & basic to start with the keywords! Any ideas?

  4. Mine is 100% because of my keywords. Though I did get some good keywords that had low ranking but apparently not enough traffic. I have 92 articles published, and aim for 1000 word plus articles. I have around 3 photos an article. Sadly, google kept rejecting me for ads so that kind of sucks. They said my website had no content and kept rejecting me (yes I put the code in the right place). My home page isn't static, but I can't change it without negatively affecting the look. I get about 300 visitors a month, which is bad lol. But I enjoy writing so I guess it's not awful to have a non-profitable website that lets me relax by writing.

  5. Love your style Greg, easy to understand and packed full of very helpful ideas! One question, when linking to another post on your own site as you suggest, what is best for SEO, have the linked post open in a new tab or not?

  6. Same thing I am doing choosing low difficulty keywords and putting atleast 8-10 backlinks and outlink of some affiliate program..Thanks I learned all from your videos..It helped me lot now started 2nd website and going to hire content writers ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€

  7. You have nailed it. love all your videos. Please make a video on how to find a good content writer or service. Having trouble finding good content writer. Thank you

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