Can I Turn $0 into $1000 in Just 30 Days?

FALSE: it is expensive to start your own business. FACT: Anyone can start their own resale business with NO MONEY AT ALL if you’re willing to ….

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25 thoughts on “Can I Turn $0 into $1000 in Just 30 Days?

  1. Update: I totally forgot to add in the $6 I got for the tennis bag but I also forgot to take out the $11.97 I spent on the leaf blower. So I have $5.97 less than I say in this video.

  2. As a new person looking to get into reselling, I really appreciate this challenge. You started at ZERO with a golf bag off the street and currently have over $100.00 in profit. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I'm looking forward to the day 30 final tally!!

  3. The NextDoor App, do you guys have that? Our neighborhood frequently posts free items and I got ahold of 12 packs of unopened Epson and Kodak paper for free last year and have sold 7 so far. Also, our neighbor moved and left a Yamaha keyboard that was their sons out on the curb (he didn't play with it angmore). It was super sticky and on that I did get a foot pedal and charger for $21… I sold it for $185 on Craigslist

  4. As a long time viewer of your channel, I’m a little bit shocked at your lack of research for the Babolat backpack. They’re trending anywhere between $20-$55 plus shipping on eBay.

  5. Absolutely! We always have stuff at home that we don't need. You definitely have some great ideas. Hit up some apartment complexes and check their dumpsters or outside of them. I used to find stuff and take it to a consignment store. I love the 2 left foot shoes πŸ˜…

  6. Here's an observation that I've made. Technically you have failed the challenge from selling the first item. If you actually think about what you've just done.

    Pick it up for free – no issues
    Listed – no issues
    Sold but you need to ship it – issue.

    You need to ship it out but if you 'supposedly have 0' at the start, then surely you shouldn't be able to ship it out as you would need to buy packaging and pay to post it off. If you had sold it locally, i.e someone collected it then it would ok.


  7. Yes 😬 I know because that's how I started 😬 at first it felt frustrating cuz u know how paypal holds the money so you need to pull out of your own pocket.

    Especially amazon they hold the money for long. I felt like quiting

  8. If you are in the military or close to a base go look around. Whenever people leave the military or move to another station they will set out a lot of stuff they don't to take with them.

  9. I also want to throw this out there, that start with looking around your house first to see if there is anything you can get of. It’s amazing what kind of treasure you can find just laying around your own house. Also, last year when I got laid off, I also reached out to my friends/family and asked for donations. I just hey if you happen to be cleaning out your closets anyway I can take it….. You never know what could happen. This goes back to always tell people what you do. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ‘

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