Best Side Hustle To Earn Extra Money With A Phone (or Tablet) For FREE Online at Home (UPDATED 2021)

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21 thoughts on “Best Side Hustle To Earn Extra Money With A Phone (or Tablet) For FREE Online at Home (UPDATED 2021)

  1. Nothing is free… Everything requires your time, and time is the most expensive thing you cant afford to just throw around… Be wise in what you invest in because if you mess up or give up, then you have done nothing but wasted time you can never get back…

  2. I signed up for redbubble after watching the earlier version of this tutorial. I was so stoked. I downloaded the app. Went through the sign up process. Learned the hard way that it doesn’t work for sellers. Then when I went to safari logged in on the website, and clicked on the upload button.. I got an error message. Multiple times lol Unfortunately for me, it did not work exactly the same. But, onward and upward! I’ll figure it out eventually.

  3. Canva is a marvelous design tool. RedBubble, in my opinion, is inconsistent in its enforcement of policies. Some people sell merchandise on RedBubble that flagrantly violates trademark and copyright, while I had work suspended that I had rendered 100% originally. I closed my store and will find somewhere else to sell my craft. I am a disabled widowed mom and need to generate more income, not more stress. ❤️

  4. Are the Analytics working on RedBubble sites?
    I have set up a property 3x in google analytics and copied the UA-xxxx number into my Store and waited a week.
    I found a video which shows how to set up a UA (google has changed analytics) through advanced options and followed this to get a UA number.
    I have a follower who has liked my design but Analytics shows no one has visited my site
    I have followed tutorials to test (using an incognito window) if people are accessing site realtime but my GA shows no visits

    Am I missing something ?

  5. Been using red bubble for years. Threw a lot of designs on there during my University years. Some months I make nothing, but some months it’s an pleasantly unexpected $20-30.

    Though realisticly, %1 of the people with enough design talent to create quality designs and the marketing knowledge to properly advertise them could actually make a side-hustle out of it.

  6. Hey Sarah, love the video! I noticed that there are trademarked designs on redbubble though (I've just seen rick and morty), but they are categorized as "fan art". Can you talk about the legality of that and if I were to put my own creative twist on a trademarked image, would that be ok to sell?! I'm confused because I know they're trademarked but some of them look pretty un-fan made (pretty close to the originals). Is this a good way to go as far as designs?

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