31 thoughts on “Best Online Typing Job For Students in Nepal | Earn Money Online

  1. Thank you so much daju one of my fav and true information provider youtuber of nepal💖 maile ni facebook ko businees sites ma dekhyathiye 2 thau apply gare 2 tai ma charge rs 3k magyathiyo easy hunxa vandai thiyo but real ki fake ma confuse thiye aajha aayera clear vaye! Once again thank you so much daju💖💖🔥tons of love

  2. Thumbnail ra video ma dherai different vo 🤣🤣🤣
    Any way informative
    I was also about to work for this as i saw on instagraw "online typing garera gharai basera 20/25 hajar kamauney abasar"🤣

  3. World is full of scammers
    Invest in books rather than investing in scam business .
    Develop a skill and try be best in it .
    Never follow money. Make money follow you

  4. I found a similar job post on group, gharai basi basi kamaua sakne vanera aako thiyo testai 24-25k thiyo . maile pani comment ma k raixa vanera intrested lekhya thiye , tya dekhi euta le malae aafai message garera tapailae job chaieko raxa , data entry ko xa hamisanga tara paila 3500 pay garnuparxa refund hunxa vanera msg garya thiyo maile seen garera xaddeko thiye , aile msg garya garai xa , Now i a clear about this , thank you swagat gyawali bro ..
    very informative keep it up

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