#8 Make Money Online By Creating Websites

#8 Make Money Online By Creating Websites

You can make money online by creating websites for clients. Everyday there are new businesses and organisations that start and need a website. You can be the one that makes those website. In this video I talk about how to make beautiful websites for clients and make a lot of money!

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20 thoughts on “#8 Make Money Online By Creating Websites

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  5. Thanks Bro! I love your videos! You're an awesome Instructor! Because of you, I am learning a new skill set that will be my side hustle and or new business! I appreciate what you dearly!!

  6. Thank you Ferdy… All your video i really great! I really have no idea on WP press at first. But after watching your video, am starting to learn and love it more.

  7. Hello Ferdy 🙂 I have a few important questions for you, it would be great if you answer it.
    First of all what's the difference between web designer and front- end developer, because they both make a design for the websites, but I think that front end developers need to know the code, am I right ?
    That follows up to my second question which sounds like so:
    Do I need to learn some codding, to become wordpress web designer? I've already know how to use elementor and create design, but I think clients also always want something more in their website, and that involves javascript. So I've already learnt the html and css basics and now I'm heading to javascript. Do I really need it for startint to make money, by creating website design for clients ?
    Thanks for your answers!

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