7 Ways to Make Money as a Travel Influencer RIGHT NOW (Even if You're Just Starting)

7 Ways to Make Money as a Travel Influencer RIGHT NOW (Even if You're Just Starting)

7 Ways to Make Money as a Travel Influencer RIGHT NOW (Even if You’re Just Starting)

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I hope these guidelines kick start you into thinking of ways you can make money online. These are just rough ideas which are there to provide inspiration. If I can do this, you can do this!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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38 thoughts on “7 Ways to Make Money as a Travel Influencer RIGHT NOW (Even if You're Just Starting)

  1. Important note! I've recently heard that Air BnB has been cracking down on people reaching out to take photographs (that's such a bummer! Why?!). So I would now advise against contacting people on AirBnB to stay in exchange for photographs and instead focus on taking photographs of hostels, local businesses, portrait photography for people in the area. Think outside of the box for what is possible and how else you can travel and get paid for it. Honestly – the opportunities are endless. This is just one small hiccup so don't let it deter you!

  2. So basically look for places that dont exsist, that cant take decent pictures or videos or know how to build a social media page?????
    Then how do u stay at the nicerrrr places?
    But then on top have to have a following for yourself in order to show the brand to people.
    What if i have noooooo folowers, just an old loser 🤔😢

  3. You’re so honest. Thank you for your valuable information because most of the YouTuber are no like you. They will say that click here this will make you money but really it makes them money!

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  5. As mentioned in the comments: this is indeed a very helpful video for starters, because what most youtubers leave out in their version is step 1 to full time influencer, they just tell you what they're doing now. Which makes sense if you think about it, I forgot how I got from an Adobe Illustrator failure to a pretty decent skilled person. But it just means Sorelle knows EXACTLY how she got here, and that's what makes this video so valuable.

  6. I never thought I would say this, but I think I have actually learned something from this video. just as I was about to give up on youtube.

  7. Hi Sorelle, I see many Youtubers talking about how they make 1000 dollars a month only with 200-300.000 subscribers all because of ads. So there's no need to hit the 1 Mil? Is that true? xo

  8. hi sorelle! is squarespace easy to use ? im kind of totally clueless with how to make my own website and whatever and im really afraid that i might be bad at it hahaha! does squarespace have tutorials we can access? another question is, so from the looks of this video, it is vital to have not only a youtube channel, but also a website and instagram ? all platforms seem to interweave into each other and also serve different purposes depending on which way we want to make money.

    thanks so much . ive been watching a lot of your videos. i am in a 9 to 5 job now but im definitely looking into how this medium can work for me because i am passionate about skincare and beauty and i also am becoming a solo female traveller. i also dont think i can live my life long term with a boss telling me what i can and cannot do hahaha! i need all the guidance i can get and am totally being a sponge now, absorbing what i can from you. 🙂 <3 thank you!!! i will definitely look into squarespace. i also listened to your skillshare lecture and it was great. keep the vibe going!

  9. I myself love my 9-5. Like most people, when young I thought I wanted to be my own boss… Then I saw what that took 😂. Though I'm in a 9-5 (4-midnight actually) I work three month contracts that pay me enough to live overseas the other nine months if I so chose and have work waiting for me when I got back. I'm in Thailand now and I really can't wait to get back cuz of the life I created tbh. I've been living out of my van and spending most days mountain biking or body surfing. When I get back I plan on getting rid of my apartment altogether. The influencer thing is a bubble I believe but that secondary to the fact I hate social media. I think it's destroying culture and doesn't actually add any value to our lives. Anyway, there are more ways than Instagram to live a good life.

  10. Its weird and funny how some people say they make a little money for a million views $800, then there are other travel vloggers who make 7000 for a million views

  11. This video was so useful Thank you. And I love your enthusiasm! We are a a family of four who have sold up to go travelling, starting with Europe in our Landrover and vlogging the whole journey. When you say get a website would you need a blog also or can it all go onto a website? xx

  12. Thank you so much for sharing honest suggestions for those of us who are trying to figure out how to start the journey between point A and point B!! Incredibly helpful ❤️

  13. Subscribed to your channel……the reason- you are so so much like me…….even our thoughts about jobs,travel and everything else u talk about are totally same. It's almost as if we were constructed in the same factory or pieces of the same cake or I may say I'm ur Indian version.

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