7 Secrets to Making Millions of Dollars Online | 21st Century Wealth Secrets Revealed!

7 Secrets to Making Millions of Dollars Online | 21st Century Wealth Secrets Revealed!

In this brand new video, I’m going to teach you how to make money online in the 21st century.
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Do you know how people made millions of dollars back in my parents’ days?

They did things like own land, own banks, own factories, but these days there’s something called the internet. There are many more ways to make money online now.

With the internet, you have the opportunity to make millions of dollars without investing a ton of cash or being well-connected or being born of privilege.

Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you seven secrets that will help you become a millionaire in the internet age.

#1: Focus
A lot of people, especially the younger generation, they want to do everything.

There’s not enough time in the day to do 20 different businesses. Yes, you…

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43 thoughts on “7 Secrets to Making Millions of Dollars Online | 21st Century Wealth Secrets Revealed!

  1. 🤯 This guy damn all i was looking for on YouTube was a music video and somehow got lost on the path witch led me here 😅 Dude you should become MC Neil the rap god lol just motivated me to start a business with you videos 😂 and all i come on for was music…. good job keep it up you just got a new subscriber🥳🥳🥳🥳

  2. Good advice. Elon Musk did focus in the beginning. He and buddy lived and worked in small space to save time. Now he can pay other people to focus! Lol

  3. Thanks Neil I looked on Neil Patel's Uber Suggest and found my website rank at a one. Yeah sad, sad right 😲, no. Here's why, several years previously my site rank number one in my local area. So what was my mistake 🤔

    My mistake was not updating my site, focusing on trends and paying attention to my competition. That's right. Another reason that happen was doing the same thing with other sites as well.

    Now, after following your channel and really focusing on your simple strategies, I have realized my huge mistakes.

    What am I going to do about it🤔 repair the freaking mistakes and kick some butt Bigtime. Every site I have put together are millions of dollars site, they just need to be structured correctly.

    Thanks for your ingenious commitment to helping the little guy become better at what they love. Keep it coming Neil, we're going to win.

    This I will promise, after repairing my mistakes and enjoying the benefits of watching my sites generate better results, I will do a review on Neil Patel and how he change my life by providing me with valuable information to cross over the otherside.

    Thanks, Neil
    Rancho Cucamonga CA 91729

  4. I love your energy and honesty in all your videos, Neil Patel. I am watching them a tad late in my career, but I am sure they're reshaping the way I think. Thanks so much. 🙏

  5. Diabetes care industry I'm determined to.
    Hi Neil, What You learnt from Your mistakes of initial days when You had lesser money to invest.

  6. Thank you Neil. You nailed one of my problems I'm working on: focus. I was spreading myself too thin on my 3 webpage's, but now focusing on my biz-OP affiliate site. I picked up the 12 Week Year book to structure my important tasks. Love your SEO videos. I would learn from your mistakes. Thanks again.

  7. I've a dream to become an entrepreneur.. so I started with blogger as of now..it's been couple weeks..slowly once I get a hold of it , I will start affiliate marketing,then create my own YouTube channel, n then will create my own digital course 🤘🔥

  8. Watch Enter the Dragon for focus & Boyz in the Hood if there's a problem. Lol. Cheers Neil awesome tips as always & so funny how you sarcastically asked, people not making mistakes to tell you what they're secret, lol:)

  9. Dude you are the man. I saw your landing page seminar and it definitely impacted what Im doing. I have an edge in a space that is super profitable, but I could use some help with landing page designs that induce people to call in. Any comments on that?

  10. Neil – THANK YOU! I just found you (as a personal recommendation from a friend) and am glad I did. You are are a GENIUNELY GENEROUS person! I will personally follow everything you talk about.
    I love your emphasis on solving a problem. I created my product to solve my problem – fast & easy citrus juicing to prevent chronic pain and other chronic health issues. Now, I need to effectively create a marketing campaign to show this. Videos also.
    Thanks Neil!

  11. Hey Neil Following your suggestion to learn from those who have already learned, I have read your last 1000 articles in 3 months. Articles in SEO, Marketing and now Market. And I like your ambitions, you feed mine. Thank you.

  12. I'll create a online business solutions for businesses like link building, reviews , seo and etc. I want to make 44,450 Canadian dollars by July 30, 2019.

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