6000$/Month Online! How To Sell Online Courses (2021)

Today I want to share with you my online work journey as an online instructor and I want to show you how to sell online courses in 2021 on Udemy and ….

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34 thoughts on “6000$/Month Online! How To Sell Online Courses (2021)

  1. Lemme tell you Br, I have tried a lot online ( your tools as well) CPA/Blogging/Affiliate Marketing/freelancing/fiver/Quota/e-marketing/ what not?

    But I never earned a Single Dollar.

    It's all hectic & complex to get few $ online.
    And ya really need some experience.

    I'm so confused,
    Kindly suggest simplest of online ways to earn a little ( Br, we need money direly).


  2. Hasan, you have come a long way, upskilling and upscaling your work, how come a newbie will create content, which he or she cannot exemplify like….Newbies may be good, but they dont have experience, earnings, or list of awesome work which you have created….pl respond

  3. Great info Hasan! I appreciate this journey trip through your past progress and future plan! ALLAH blesses your mind and soul and I hope He'll over fulfill you with the greatest blessing your family!!

  4. Just awesome, Hassan Bro, Much awaited topic. May you live long, happy, healthy and w… no no you are already at max level of being wise.
    thank you so verrry much.

  5. To all the readers here, watch his video early morning. Right on your table with your breakfast. ..why? Cos this guy is butter in your bread. Funny? Absolutely yes. However, it's so good to listen and adhere to the instructions.

    Hassan, bro you are an amazing man like I always said.

    We are so happy. And thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your good work.

    All hail! 😊

    And yes. Need Camtasia tutorials.

  6. Another great video. Thanks

    Sir please i have written you concerning the contabo vps, i am having issues login into putty.
    Please check your mail or comment on that video google money without writing a content or on the forum. I have written you but no response yet ,i know you are a very busy person, please help me.

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