6 x Months Selling on Amazon FBA UK – Honest Review of Amazon FBA Seller Support

6 x Months Selling on Amazon FBA UK - Honest Review of Amazon FBA Seller Support

This is my honest review of Amazon FBA seller support having been selling on Amazon UK for just over 6 months.

When I first heard about FBA I was excited about the opportunity of making money selling on amazon, however, I was also sceptical as to whether the opportunity was real.

There was also the small nagging doubt in my mind with regards to the stories of people who had their Amazon seller accounts suspended.

At the time I put these suspensions stories down to scaremongering caused by sellers not following Amazon guidelines, however, I now believe any seller could suspended at anytime.

I regularly visit the official Amazon seller forums and there are posts on a daily basis from sellers that have had their products or accounts suspended or banner.

Some of these sellers are breaching guidelines and are rightly being punished, however, there are a large number of FBA sellers who are being suspended due to fraudulent actions by their competitors (or simple misfires caused by the Amazon algorithm).

I still believe Amazon provides one of the best opportunities…

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36 thoughts on “6 x Months Selling on Amazon FBA UK – Honest Review of Amazon FBA Seller Support

  1. Thanks for this video. I have been selling on Amazon and other platforms for many years. I have figured out my best selling formula. There is a video about why 90% of Amazon sellers fail on my YouTube channel. Have a look. Thank you.

  2. Amazon don't care because whenever items sell they make money. They don't care HOW items are sold, even if 'policies' are breached, they still make money. So, they let unlawful competitors and customers get away with a lot because without customers sellers can't sell and make money for Amazon, and if all sellers played by the rules/policies they'd probably sell less making less money for Amazon.
    Also, if you can't call it 'velcro' what else can you call it???

    I'm glad you did this down-to-earth video, thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for this – Me and my company are looking to use it to sell CBD products however I saw they have banned these products – is there no way you can use them as a seller without posting it via amazon to sell?

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  5. Hi Darren thanks for the video. I’m currently thinking of selling locally sourced products on Amazon but I’m very worried about starting up because of these risks

  6. Hello Darren . Its been a yr. now do you feel selling amazon UK. is still good in 2020. My dad in the U.K says not much people in UK using amazon

  7. Hi, I tried to open an FBA account and it was suspended straight away as they said it was related to another account (this is my first and only account). I am in the UK, but had @t suspended. It has been 10 weeks since my appeal and they have not replied to my appeal. Can you ring seller support in USA? Is there a number?

  8. Hi I had this happen to me back in 2018. But my manufacturer wasn’t the patent owner. Amazon I only gave me the option to contact the claimant, which was another seller, they never responded so I couldn’t resolve it. Is this still happening? Or has amazon relaxes these product bans. Many thanks

  9. Thanks a rare review on the obstacles on making it on Amazon. Everyone posting making millions its not that easy yes you can make millions if you've maybe lost 10! or invested 3/4 of a million! or have an angel investor or drug money! I just wish genuine people go through the issues they have to overcome to make it rather than gloating about their sales.

  10. Hi Darren, Please can I ask which Amazon Course did you do? I think i have found my product but im scared incase it doesnt work – what is your best advise for a new seller 🙂 Thankyou

  11. Darren great video, i have been struggling with sales and also feel Amazon can pull the rug under your feet at any moment! I am stuck on one of my product, which is selling very slowly, i have followed your method with Hellium 10 for key words and was wondering if you can give me few tips. Thanks Hasib.

  12. Thanks a lot for the honest video Darren. I just wanted to ask what can we do if indeed our account gets suspended?You said amz doesn't ship your products back to you for at least 90 days.Does this mean we have about 90 days to think where to store these products and how to eventually sell them off amz?Do you think in a worst case scenario we can sell them off to some company in bulk once we have it shipped to us in order to get our cash back? Thanks in advance.

  13. Strange after watching this video, my product was made inactive due to it being "used item sold as new" Really gutted – but dont know what action to take without knowing the issue. How can you change customer return settings to it not being sold again?

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