6 Free Ways to Make Money Online Without a Website

6 Free Ways to Make Money Online Without a Website

In this video I share various ways to make money without needing to create a website. I use 5 of the 6 options mentioned here and share my experience. It’s all about diversification if you’re an entrepreneur and I’ve done just that!! This video features options for freelancers, online teachers, crafters, graphic designers, video creators and more.

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  2. What if a user has an adblocker so they won't see the advertising or if they only watch the mandatory 15 seconds before skipping the ad? Will you get paid for any of that?

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  6. Lisa, you always deliver valuable and honest information. I have been on your email list for over 10 years … back when Adsense was your main focus. So good to see you going even stronger in the game with diverse streams of income. 💪🏽💰💪🏽

    I have been having some health issues that affect my ability to work and focus for any stretch of time in a day. I am looking for ways to generate passive income that will generate at least $5,000 per month in income. You have shared a couple of platforms I hadn’t heard of before. Thanks for sharing!

  7. @Lisa Irby- In this age of fraud, I tend to not TRUST instructors, on Udemy and elsewhere, who undervalue their courses. I think the term is "perceived value." But then, I personally usually research a topic/instructor to death before buying from them. Free content on Youtube and blogs, with concrete clear instruction, like what you create, Lisa, is how I decide where I place my trust and my money.

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