6 Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money (Paid & Free Blogging Sites)

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Confused AF about which blogging platform is the best? We’re here to help. In this video, we break down the 6 best and show you who they are best for.

Some blogging sites may feel better on your wallet, but many aren’t ideal if you plan to monetize your blog. The best blogging platforms to make money are going to differ greatly from the free options. A comparison and a deeper understanding of the topic will help you choose the best blogging platform for you.

It’s very important to begin with the end in mind when you start the process of choosing the best blogging platform.

We’ll also discuss what a blogging platform IS and more specifically, how it differs from blog hosting (because you need both).

You can…

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20 thoughts on “6 Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money (Paid & Free Blogging Sites)

  1. Im a year late but I think ima start a blog of my music. I got recommended to doing it by people because it brings people to your music, so hopefully it does something lol.

  2. Bonjour, thank you so much for this video, I recently found your video a few days ago, you are so real, helpful and professional and can't wait to watch all of your videos but I will like to know what you think starting a blog with HostGator? Merci

  3. Hi! please I have a question hope you answer, I'm starting a blog as a hobby but in the future I'm planning to make a living out of it so my question is if I started with a free blog now can I change it later to a paid pro one without creating a new one and keeping the same blog but investing in it and make money. Thank you.

  4. Hello, what if I want to make sure that the website builder does not have control of my content? For example, if I was to post sole on medium and they go out of business or don't like my content, they can easily shut me down. How do I avoid that?

    Thank you!!

  5. If you know HTML coding and CSS, you can highly customize Tumblr! It is way more customizable than most free social media platforms. There are also templates for it that are good for non programmers. I haven't gotten very good results on Tumblr as far as many people reading it. It might not be using right. But I don't have the time to get on multiple platforms and interact a lot with it. You can also hook Tumble into Google Analytics – I used to have it working, but it broke and I haven't fixed it yet. This can help know your audience. Not every social media site is easy or possible to hook Google Analytics into.

  6. You can make some customizations to to Blogger if you know how to program in HTML/CSS etc. Not completely customiziable but somewhat. You can customize the templates and menus on top or on the side. You can place custom widgets in it too. But I don't know how viable it is – I have a hard time getting very many people to read my blogs on this platform without sharing it to various social media. I don't know who well it works from Google. But it maybe that I haven't optimized my labels (keywords) to work with Google Search is why. Also, its not a platform for sharing pdf files or other documents on. But you can use Google Drive or an online storage site to link you documents too from Blogger. I have started awhile back, to have links from Blogger to my wordpress site, because I store my pdf files and some mp3 files there. I have a cool plugin for WordPress that works like File Explorer in Windows somewhat so that users can drill into folders to find what they want to download – only don't make the filenames too long, or they wont show up there.

  7. I use Blogger currently. Was looking at other options for my blog. But one thing I noticed was you said you can't have a custom domain name. I have one for my blog, and bought it through Google. It has been a few years so not sure if this video was made before this option from Google.

    A bit of an edit. Blogger also allows you to add templates and such through code, so you'd need to know that. But I was worried about the Adsense thing, if it's the best way to serve ads.

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