5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Musician in 2020

5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Musician in 2020

In this video I will show you 5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Musician in 2020 . Hope you enjoy this one and thanks for watching! Feel free to leave any video suggestions in the comments.

► Sell your sample packs on Splice:

► How much DJ’s ask for a booking:

► My sample packs website

► Join my discord server:

► Connect with me:






Sample packs


► My Setup:


Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (Audio Interface/Newer Version)


My PC (almost the same one I have)

Acer LCD monitor


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44 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Musician in 2020

  1. I've been looking into earning income online as a freelance violinist, and I appreciate the advice you provided in this video, plus the links added for demonstrations. Thank you, and subscribed!

  2. Gonna release my song I just composed I'm a hip hop artist….just started making music again and this industry is so different I had to get up to date with all these new streaming farms I appreciate the info 🙏

  3. Sir !…i can't understand.. how can i thank u !….u gave me a second chance to live my live in my way…u're really most motivated guy I've ever seen…thanks u sir :)..stay blessed… I'm always with you♥️🌈

  4. Tips other than what has been said*; get a few ways to make money while u are doing essentially absolutely nothing (check out the +500 app, research about the stock market and check out the apps demo mode which allows you to practice. I recommend to start in the demo mode with 600$ considering that it would be a realistic average). Another example would be for example: booking and re-renting apartments that students wanna rent while attending college.

    Another tip would be to participate in as many projects as possible to take a tiny cut of royalties (even if its 10% from a tiny hook you wrote) and diversify your specialties to be able to fulfill any kind of needed work to be able to have as many different sources of tiny royalties as possible.

    Just some thoughts 😉

  5. I have been producing for a couple years now. Lately I've been trying to get into the music scene by buying placements from rappers. They all tell me my beats are fire and whatever but then they try to scam me. I feel like giving up. I show so much support to these other small artists, but nobody seems to want to work with me.

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