5 ways to make money Make money as a Kid

5 ways to make money Make money as a Kid

5 ways to make money. How to make money is what a-lot of kids want to know. can kids get make money? We’ll check this out getting money as a kid as never been so easy.easy ways to make money. How to make money as a kid

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50 thoughts on “5 ways to make money Make money as a Kid

  1. I know his parents put him up to this but I will like them to remove the following from the list;
    1.Selling homework is an absolute no. You will eventually get kicked out of school. Adults have a teen called academic integrity which your parents should talk to you about.
    2. walking strange people's dogs by your self is not safe.

  2. hey kid first of all selling candy will not make you 1000 $
    be famous and brave too instead of selling candy well you are not aged to go in public and sell candy
    atleast be over 20 year old or you are restricted to sell any thing and also dropping money with one million
    views is inporpiate in youtube as public better be careful or else you will be like lil tay………….

    hope you heard kid…………………… well it's a good idea

  3. At my school there are these dumbass kids that fall for my marketing trick I sell a small snickers bar at school for 10 dollars and the kids parents give them 10 dollars and I’m making real cash and thos kids don’t kno you can get a candy bar for 50 cents when I’m scamming them I’m very profitable kid hehe

  4. Heres a tip: Collect items, sell them for 1.00 each. Make sure when your about to give people their items their clean, and and your wearing gloves. You could get 10.00 a day!

    I reccomend selling marbles.

  5. Me: ima sell candy 🍭: :school over intercom on the first day: NO SELLING CANDY NO BRINGING CANDY NO EATING CANDY OR ELSE I WILL TAKE AND FEED TO THE BEASTS/STUDENTS

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