1. if your in a rush just read this and you can go thank me later 💕

    1. Have a passion; do it because you wanna be dedicated to do this & work with this because you don't want waste time of your life doing this

    2. Stradezige- come up with a financial plan, how can I fund my business, how to save money, how much can I invest, how much will it cost, start off small and build up, how you will market, prices, invest why should they go from you then another business, what is different about your business etc…

    3. Find your resources, who is gonna be your vendor, who is gonna ship provider etc.. use the cheapest shipping method, furr decor be creative, do as little as possible start small still save some money budget, don't get assesive stuff 💕etc

    4. learn how to make your logo etc..making your website, find the cheapest way to do something..product pictures etc..

    5. You can decide to sell through Instagram or website PayPal etc.. Decide if you want to do the max and buy extra but for saving money start small have a goal she reccomends more than £100.

    this did take a lot of work so thank me by maybe subscribing to my channel of liking the comment Atleast 💖

  2. I don’t know how many people will see this but I would like to make Accessoire for gothic aesthetic like chokers and these like chokers for your thighs (idk how that’s called lmao). But I am really scared no one would buy it and that I’d spend money on it for literally nothing. Do y’all think it’s like a Good idea for a shop haha

  3. for the “passion” thingy lol, i wanna make money, for me to get stuff i enjoy but also to help out my parents. i take dance classes and all the different ones plus costumes etc. adds up quick. and i wanna help out the best i can

  4. I’m 13 and so is my business partner, unlike most people who are starting business (like about makeup, jewelry, etc.) me and her want to have a tea shop! It’s my dream, and is one of the only things motivating me to keep living. Everyday I’m getting closer to my dream and I’m so so excited about it! I can’t wait to make my family proud 🙂 so thank you, this video really helped! If you love tea/flowers, feel free to comment and ask about my soon to be shop! Love all of you bun buns! 🐰💕✨

  5. Hey! I want to start a small business selling maybe Jewlery or makeup online but idk how to begin how to buy the products the shipping. Idk where to start thank you in advance! 💕💝

  6. I agree with her don't do the business just cause of money do it because u enjoy it. I learned that I did an art business but u know like redbubble I did it for a few months and I felt like I was forced I didn't enjoy it it went from posting 3-4 times a day to 3 times a day, 3 times a day to 1 time a day sometimes two. It then went from skipping a few days to me not posting cause I hate it and it took me time to realise I genuinely hate it and I learned my mistake I am now in the 99% of businesses that failed but not for long. Don't do it cause of money do it cause u like it if you're willing to put effort, sacrifice certain things like ur sleep or buying stuff for u or even not having social time for your business then do it. If you are genuinely not dedicated don't do it cause you will loose money and you will fail. And I guarantee 99% of people in this comment will fail because they don't have a plan or they do it cause of money. Don't let that person be you

  7. I’m 12 and I really want to start a business selling handmade items like masks and scrunchies. I have sold things to my moms friends before but they gave me cash. My mom will not let me ship things so it will have to be a pickup thing. My items are quality made with love and a lot of thread. Any tips or ideas that can help get me going?

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