5 side hustle ideas to earn money quickly + how to start them [UK edition]

Side hustles are a great way to generate extra income, but most YouTubers show unrealistic options which are expensive to start or require years of expert knowledge… And they don’t give any actionable advice on how to start them.

This video shows you 5 realistic side hustle ideas that anybody can start today and start making money quickly… Plus there is detailed guidance on how to start each one.

All the side hustles in this list are:

Quick to start – So you can start earning within days or weeks

Free or cheap to start – You shouldn’t spend much or anything to start these side hustles

Flexible – So you can work them around a full time job

Full of growth potential – You could turn these side hustles into full time businesses or careers in the long run.


02:39 Online freelancing – Providing basic digital services to businesses through freelance sites

Good UK and US freelance websites:

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  1. Only 6 minutes in and i am absolutely hooked. Finally something for the uk . Love all the videos on making money from the US but it's no good for us in the uk . I love how you just give us the information in plain and simple terms and that all the information you give are potential leads for us to make money on the side. Great video !! Going to checkout your other videos after this one has finished . Thankyou !!!

  2. I make 60 dollars a month of passive income… it has not gotten any lower during COVID19. Its not alot of money but its always consistant.

  3. Mountain Climbing is probably in Very High Demand in Holland. For Those Who Can " MOVE MOUNTAINS "

    Or Better still Take them to The Mountains Far away & Charge them " SHED-LOADS OF MONEY "

  4. 1st task. Think what you are Trained at, or Think of your Hobbies.
    How can you make them PAY you money ?
    For an Example I'm going to use a Simple Subject – GARDENING.
    Oh i'm too old for that with my bad Back !
    I Don;t know the 1st thing about plants etc.
    So You need to Decide who you are :-
    17 yr old full of energy & little knowledge ?
    77 yr old with Decades of Knowledge, but not much physical energy / strength etc.
    Both can Succeed in gardening.
    One can take a Strimmer / Brushcutter to Weeds Brambles Etc. to Clear an overgrown site / Garden = Mow Everything Flat. = Requires No knowledge of plants & flowers.
    Just Strength & muscles & Time . Ideal Customer, = Older people, & Busy Working people with no time.
    Or One Could Walk or drive to a customer's house & look at the garden & soil types & Sun / Shade etc. & Height of Growth of each plant & shrub.
    Then Write down on paper What Will grow best & Exactly Where in that Said garden. & what plants to buy.
    Or Got to Garden Centers on the customers behalf & Order Buy / Collect Said chosen Plants, Then On Paper Show the Customer Exactly where to Have them Planted & leave watering & feeding instructions & pruning etc.
    = ZERO Hard Graft, You are Getting paid for KNOWLEDGE & Guidance at WHATEVER Rate of Pay you agree with the Customer.
    ANYTHING from a 6 ft X 1ft border, in a front garden, To a Large Country House Full of Flower beds Fruit trees & Vegetable plots etc.
    This Person Would Have Clean hands & ZERO Tools, Just a Pen & paper, Or Computer Layout Screen. But Have Years of Experience to Guide the customer to A New Garden they will Love & Easy to Look after.
    Knowing Your Plants is one thing.
    Knowing Sun / Shade is another.
    Knowing how High they grow is another.
    Also Taking Cuttings , Grow them in your existing Greenhouse & sell them to Locals / Swap them for Some of their cuttings. Or Do a Trade , 10 of my plants if the youngster next door will mow my lawn. / wash my car etc !
    TALK to LOCALS, Listen to what they want or need & SUPPLY that Need.
    On the Hard work Side of the Job, :-
    Strim the Weeds & Overgrowth, Dig the Grass into Nice Soil Ready for the EXPERT to plant Nice Plants.
    Go Back every week on a Deal to MOW the lawn. ( or 2 or 3 weeks as required ) Sweep the Leaves up, & Generally Tidy around. Scrape weeks from between cracks in paths & paving etc.
    Zero Skill Required.
    Each Could Progress to More Skills & Knowledge & Wealthier Clients Further from home, Via A website & Online advertising AFTER YOU have BROUGHT IN SOME CASH to Pay for it.
    Business cards & leaflets etc. Word of mouth in the Village Pub etc. TELL EVERYONE What you do. he / She in a Towerblock Flat has Family & Friends with a Garden.
    " HEAVE -HO , Strong man Garden Demolition services " no brains, just STRENGTH.
    Knocking down Rotten sheds & fences etc & loading them into a skip.
    Carrying Heavy Garden stones & paving Slabs ready for a Skilled builder to Lay or Build.
    Big strong Lad, Thick as Pigshit, = Advertise SELF EMPLOYED Labouring Services,
    By the HOUR, Day, or Weekly Rates, = Help with Lifting Sofas into a van ? Heaving a Wardrobe upstairs, Etc & have a Min' Charge of say £20, to arrive Locally. & £20 + Bus / Taxi,/ Fuel to go to the next Village or town. & £30 or £40 to Travel Further away. PER JOB.
    do 3 Quick jobs per day = £60, to £ ??? Whatever you Agree on.
    NO Equipment needed, No Real skills,
    JUST Do whatever you think you can.
    This Applies to Hundreds of Jobs & Tasks & ways to earn money on a Saturday / Sunday Morning. Garden Design or Garden Demolition & clearance.
    DO What suits YOUR Skills & Abilities best.
    ALWAYS DO A PERFECT JOB, & Clean up the Mess & Be Polite & Pleasing to the CUSTOMER.
    & ASK For Recommendations for more work from that customer & their Friends. Always be Fair on Price & Leave your Phone Number & Correct Address with them & a Printed Receipt for Payment. LOOK PROFESSIONAL.
    Good Nice customers will Usually give you a Tip. try to charge £17.50 or £28.75. or A strange Number, They will Give you A £20 Note. or £30.00
    or £96.50.
    Never say " ere Mate Givvus a Wonner. "
    Try to Quote £65.00, Do the job then Say it was Slightly easier than i thought so £58.00 will be OK today for that = Happy customer will give you the Rounded up £60.00 or the full £65.00 to include a Tip.
    When On the Job,
    If they ask you to do More than you Quoted For, SMILE & nicely say YES no Problem, But that will take another Hour & i Will need to charge you another £XX per hour.
    OR Yes I will come back Tomorrow & do that For £ XX ?? Then You Quote for that Extra job/ Task at Whatever you Charge them & agree the Price. or Approximate price for that job.
    YOU CAN'T Mow the Lawn for £20 Quid, Then Knock down a garden shed for a Cup of tea & 3 Biscuits !! BE WISE !! DO NOT BE Taken for A MUG !! some will Try it on. & beg You. Say No !! i need £XX to do that & 3 more hours of Daylight.
    Always Have a customer to Get to Before it Rains, Comes Dark, Or You need to collect the kids from School etc. & will Happily come back tomorrow or next week to do that Task.
    the Buggers will have you there until Midnight for £30 Quid & EXTRA Tea & Biscuits.
    DON't GET SKANKED, & Never SKANK the Customer .
    Until you learn the ART of SKANKING Customers. So Good that they don't Notice.

  5. Wow!, I didn't hear a single "super excited", "awesome", "reach out" or,"nitch" in this video. What a refreshing change to see someone from the UK talking in dulcet tones and not the customary loud-mouthed Americans talking about making money online.

  6. Didn’t expect to take anything away from this video but ended up learning a lot from you, part 2 maybe for somebody who has a bit of spare cash?

  7. Good ideas, some sites I didn't know existed. Also, there is a site Superprof where people hie you per hour to learn skills ranging from anything to Excel

  8. I love this kind of content. It’s so inspiring! I have decided that I can not keep exchanging money for time for the rest of my life. I’m sick of life being so work orientated. Today is the day I have decided I will create my own happiness, my own destiny! Check out my first ever YouTube video on my channel, show some love and support I will massively appreciate it.

  9. Creating niche social media pages. Pick a niche you're passionate about so that you'd enjoy doing it as a hobby even if you never made money. This same energy usually leads to you making money from it. As soon as you have 10k+ followers (on IG) you can make a consistent small income. And you have the opportunity to scale and make it full time. That happened to me. Was a side hustle whilst at uni, lockdown started so I doubled down on it, now I have a registered business for it and it produces a full time income. Side hustling has huge potential. Great video!

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