5 Proven Ways to Make Money on Social Media (No Product Needed)

5 Proven Ways to Make Money on Social Media (No Product Needed)

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I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you five ways you can monetize your social media audience without a product.

Make a Fortune on Social Media #1: Promote someone else’s product.

Whether it’s from the affiliate rake, or they’re paying you a specific cost per promotion, or whatever it may be, why not just promote someone else’s product? For example, I have a huge social media following, or at least I think it’s a decent size, for anything marketing related. So if I go out there and I say, hey, you should use Ahrefs or BuzzSumo, or SEMrush. I’ve mentioned all those tools so many times on my videos.

Most of these guys already have affiliate programs on the bottom of their website. All you have to do is sign up, and use that link whenever you’re talking about…

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  2. Hello Neil, do you have any advice for a South African citizen who has a brand but no idea how to monetize it without seeming cheap and nasty. It is a rather interesting and exciting Brand that although has a small following has potential, I am justing missing a couple of keys to unlock its potential. Would love to discuss it further.

  3. Sir if do not have any product or course to sell? And don't want to affiliated marketing with social media , without that can we earn money by making Facebook page and Instagram account on that subject which is helpful to others.

  4. Hey Neil,
    I wanna know what I can do or study further for my career growth and to make 6 figure salary, as I have done digital marketing and currently I am working as an seo executive…

    Please let me know because I am looking for ideas and options….

  5. Hey Neil … I have a question .. if you're working toward that first thousand subscribers and you've created and are testing out several other channel ideas. Does it hurt you the way youtube looks at it? Will the channels that don't work drag you down. Thanks . Love your videos

  6. Can you tell me please..How can i do free social media marketing to grow Youtube channel or Online business..!!. Please suggest something or someone.. Where i can learn propely ??? #Neil

  7. Hi Neil, I have recently become a "free-agent" (got fired) and am looking to switch gears so I can stay home with my girls and possibly start a photography business. I'll look forward to maybe seeing some content on how to start that up. Or do you know of anyone who currently has a successful business doing freelance photography? Thanks!

  8. Nice, richtig gutes video und wertvolle informationen! 😉 vielleicht auch mal beim Kanal von Roland Leonardo vorbei, wirklich cooler typ und er hat auch ziemlich gute tipps.

  9. Hey, Neil–I subscribe to your marketing newsletter via my work email and you've never let me down. This post in particular, though, really caught my eye. I currently have about 89 followers on Pinterest and though I haven't yet shared links to my WordPress, Redbubble, or FineArtAmerica sites, I'm beginning to think I could, thanks to you! I was going to ask you if it is possible to find different affiliates for each Pinterest board but after Googling "affiliate marketing for Pinterest," I found links to other sites with detailed steps on how to go about doing just that. I am definitely going to pursue this idea, and would like to thank you for all of your incredible posts. You rock!

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