#5 Make Money Online With A Website and Google Adsense

In this video I talk about making money on the internet using your website and Google Ads. I will talk about the kind of websites that will get a lot of views, what the potential is of Google ads and how to get Google ads on your website.

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27 thoughts on “#5 Make Money Online With A Website and Google Adsense

  1. Hi Ferdy, I like watching your Videos..Just wondering about the page editor you used and I want to know it… because the video's of your's I follow is mostly related to using Elementor as a page builder and editor..

  2. Hey Ferdy, I really like your content and you have helped me in so many ways. I am one of your subscribers. I want to ask that I am also a blogger and can you please suggest me some adsence friendly themes that are free to use on WordPress? It would be very helpful if you reply.

  3. Hi Ferdy, thanks for the continuous information about the use of the ICTs and the creation of websites in particular. It seems the information about making money online with a website and Google Adsense in this video is no more up to date. You may make another video with the latest How to sign up with Google Adsense.

  4. Just one thing you forgot to mention.. 😛
    Upon finishing signing up to Google Adsense, it said this to me:
    "We're reviewing your site. This usually takes a few days, but in some cases it can take up to 2 weeks. We'll notify you when everything’s ready."

    This is no problem though but i just wasn't expecting it, and if you did mention it and i missed it, my apologies.
    Appreciate the video though! – Liked/Subbed 😉

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  6. hiT tanks for useful video, can I get my benefit with bitcoin or perfect money cash? because we are under USA sanctions and we are not able to transfer money.

  7. Why are all the videos from Australians and NOt any Americans that I’m finding. There’s one American but he seems to extreme. Seriously no Americans being in search for this topic.

  8. Hi sir i just wanna know i have friend he told me to make for me adv local business and i don't have my own website so how i can do for him adv kindly give me replay i will wait for your reply thank you

  9. Hi bro, my adsense was created when I was in Malaysia. And after 6 months my adsense was disabled. And right now I am in Indonesia. My question is if I will open a new adsense from a new device but with the same name, DOB and the GEO is Indonesia. Will it be a problem? Because It's different country. Please feel free to answer me, thank you bro.

  10. Dear Ferdy, I have searched a lot but I can not find a way to make a column with ads and posts of my site like in 03:40. How I can I make a column like this ?
    Thank you very much for your videos!

  11. I have done the same process mentioned in the video, but the ads are not yet available. Any timeline that I should wait for them to get activated?

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