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I share the 4 sources for blogging that make up 90% of my monthly income as well as a step by step process to get you there. Watch another Make Money Online video here:

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I make money blogging online from seven sources but these four account for 90% of my monthly income. I’m showing you everything you need on how to make money from a website in this step-by-step guide.

Making money from a blog doesn’t have to be difficult. I have built a six-figure income in less than four years and I was doing it full-time by the second year blogging. Passive income blogging may not be a reality for most but you can make more money than you think.

I reached out to other bloggers to to survey, how much do bloggers make and found the secret is in these four monthly income sources. More than just a how to blog for beginners guide, this will make you a professional blogger.

I start off with the…

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16 thoughts on “4 Sources You Can Use to Make Money Blogging | Make Money Online

  1. I am interested in frugality and travel hacking that I have just started. Also preparedness. I have a wide variety of interests, have 2 books already on Amazon, one on leadership one on diabetes, but finance and frugality has most of my interest. Thank you for the time and effort to share your trade with us, just found your channel and site a couple of days ago, it really resonates with me. Of the books that you have self published, what is the average length?

  2. Awesome video! I love making money from my blog. Affiliate income is by far my best income source and I love that I can make money while only recommending items I actually use.

  3. I have started making money but I have been working on my YouTube channel. Anyone feel free to check it out. I try to cover stuff about investing. I have doing it for about a month.

  4. Right now I am putting all my focus on my YouTube channel but would love to start a website/blog in the near future. Great video Joseph.

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