22 thoughts on “£30,000 A Month with eBay Dropshipping – How To Make Money Online UK

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  2. Hi, I would love to see a video on the legal side of starting a UK Ebay Dropshipping Business, ie tax returns, whether you need to create a business bank account, whether you need to register a company trade name to trade under. I am not sure if this is a topic you have covered on a previous video but if not that would be really helpful. Thanks

  3. I have recently created a blog which I am trying to get traffic too. Do you have any tips or can you do a video on this. A lot of the videos show paid advertising but I am starting out and looking for a free way. I will leave the link below to check out:


    I appreciate your videos and love the content. Subscribed and liked 🙂

  4. as much as I wanna do this, I do beleive this guy is being paid to market hgr. I hope not as.this looks.so interesting however he doesnt answer any questions. u want.peolle to leave a. omme t but not reply…. theres alot of un answered questions ..
    why arent.u answering them??

  5. Yo, I want to start dropshipping but I am concerned about something and am seeking help. If I drop ship from a brand such as the range or b&q, how will I avoid the problem of the packaging being branded? Is there a way around this without physically handling the product? Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers 🙂

  6. Hi, great video, i have looked at your example with the kids bunk bed, at furniture 123 they now selling it at £279, but on ebay some listings are for £330, but if I use the ebay calculator, then They are loosing on this sale, so how is it that someone can seel it so cheap, is their a strategy to overcome this issue?

  7. When you pay to the supplier they say they will use paypal address. So how dropshipping will work as they will take your address instead of end customer address ?

  8. hi tffn
    would still like to know what happens when a shop your dropshipping from does not have item in stock,also what if what ever parcal company the shop is uesing the products gets to the customer damaged,plaese can you answer this as loads of other youtube watchers would like to know
    stay safe

  9. Hi great info! What do we do if we sell an item on ebay and then it becomes out of stock on the suppliers website? Do we simply cancel the order and won't this eventually get us banned if we cancel too many orders? I have been banned previously for 4 years so trying to be careful! Thank you!

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