3 Retail Pricing Strategies For Ebay – UK Reseller – Make Money Online

3 Retail Pricing Strategies For Ebay - UK Reseller - Make Money Online

Here are 3 retail pricing strategies I used whilst working for big retailers and how I apply them to my eBay reselling business. Try them yourself!

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FBA Equipment You Need:

Make Your Products Buyable
Unibos Folding Hair Dryer –
Goo Gone Sicker Residue Remover –
Scottie Peeler –
Micro Fibre Cloths –
Round Translucent Gloss Seals –

Prepare Your Products
100 Mixed Size Poly Mailers –
Suffocation Warning Stickers –
100m Roll of Bubble Wrap –

Ship Your Products
25mm Tape Dispenser -…

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8 thoughts on “3 Retail Pricing Strategies For Ebay – UK Reseller – Make Money Online

  1. Hi mate 🙂

    Alittle about myself and my business since I know so much about yours.

    I also run a successful reselling business on eBay and Amazon. Whilst developing a niche product range, which I'm aiming to turn into a brand.

    I've followed nick hills/zaheer through the last 3 year journey. Yet I've never been compelled to reach out.

    Your videos are professional and informative, You are doing a outstanding job and I am certain you shall be very successful.

    Best of luck

  2. Hi Glen, good video, it’s interesting learning about the pricing strategies the main retailers use. I’m mainly an EBay seller so would welcome any EBay content you have time to make. I’m actually in Las Vegas for EBay Open this week which has been an eye opener looking at the new technology they are bringing in. I’m based in the UK so some will take a while to filter though but it’s all really exciting. Looking forward to the next video 👍

  3. Great content thank you for taking the time to make this videos, Really learning a lot from them and I am sure that in time you will build a massive following. I am on my way to set up on ebay business with Amazon fba also a goal in the future, I know you have a book keeper and accountant now but I would like to know your advise for someone just starting out in terms of booking keeping is an online software like xero the way to go or would a basic excel sheet be sufficient it just seems a lot of work writing down every single item you buy and sell.

  4. hello didnt even know ya did ebay , ive decided to also get into ebay reselling. would still like to hear your take on selling in europe with amazon fba and also this pan euro thing, ive put 30% increase on my products selling in europe, should i bother ?

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