15 Ways to make money with WordPress in 2017 | Online business: freelancers, designers, developers

15 Ways to make money with WordPress in 2017 | Online business: freelancers, designers, developers

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Here are 15 ways to make money with WordPress. If you’re planning a new business for 2017, or you’re just looking for a way to make side income, these 15 ideas might help you kickstart that new venture.

WordPress is a great platform for a variety of business opportunities like services, downloadable products, and more. WordPress has a huge market share (for CMS) and a large energetic community behind it. Keep in mind, it’s still just a tool, and your mileage may vary.

In the following notes, I’ll link you to the areas I already execute on, in hopes that it gives you an idea of how you can work with my speaking points.

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00:12 1. Client services. I run a client services agency at

00:27 2. Consulting. I trade time for money, consulting on WordPress and other areas, on my Clarity channel

1:02 3. Support services. You could offer support services for a monthly fee or retainer. Checkout my friends at…

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  14. Great overview of the WordPress ecosystem. Would you be willing to create a pie chart with the percentage of each item you mentioned that you personally are earning and if possible do one for the market as a whole if that information is available to you? So for example if you are making 50% of your income from item one it would be half the pie chart. Thanks a bunch. I'm building a business plan and model for this sector and would find this information interesting for revenue projection estimates.

  15. Great stuff, it can take a person just getting into WordPress years to figure this out. You just gave them an amazing head start. Glad Youtube popped this up in my Suggested Videos. Keep up the good work!

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